Silverstone Festival 2023

We are pleased to announce the MX-5 Owners Club will be exhibiting at the Silverstone Festival (formerly known as the Classic) and members can secure infield car club display packages.

The Festival will once again go ahead on the August Bank Holiday (25-27th August 2023) with record-breaking displays of treasured classic cars and unrivalled line-up of retro races from all of motor racing’s golden eras will be right at the heart of Festival event, with qualifying sessions and spectacular on track showdowns across three action-packed days all rounded off with live music every night.

With access to the fantastic infield display package (two adult admission tickets and one infield car display pass) your Club membership brings savings of up to £135 on the full weekend package.

Club package prices - held at last year’s prices until January 3rd

3-day weekend = £135
Friday = £75
Saturday = £109
Sunday = £99

Our Club dedicated code is accessed here - Members discount code

Book your ticket here:

Infield places are limited and we urge you to book early for this truly fantastic event.

We’ve also applied for a parade to mark 25 years of the Mk2, we won’t know of the outcome of this for some time but it remains a possibility.

If you book tickets before midnight on 8 December, you will be entered into a special draw giving a chance to win a ‘Golden Ticket’ with benefits including (terms and conditions apply):

  • A Silverstone Drive Superchoice Voucher* (not for use during the event itself)
  • Parc Fermé VIP hospitality tickets for two at Silverstone Festival, 2023, courtesy of MATCH Hospitality
  • Sunday Parc Fermé VIP hospitality tickets for two at Silverstone Festival, 2023 courtesy of Adrian Flux
  • Weekend General Admission tickets for four to the British Superbike event at Silverstone
  • A Zappi smart electric vehicle charger including home installation, courtesy of myenergi**
  • A full set of four tyres up to and including 19” (subject to availability), courtesy of Yokohama HPT***
  • A Motul Essential event kit (includes sunglasses, umbrella, rucksack and hat) PLUS access to the Motul Club Lounge over the weekend of the event
  • Two Ultimum Perfectum Kits, courtesy of Car Gods
  • A one-year subscription to Motor Sport Magazine

Probably a stupid question, but does the discount code include the asterisks either side of the numbers.


Iain, Many Thanks for sorting this. I hope you are better soon.

Club pass booked OK for Saturday with my Silverstone account from last year, Club code works without the asterisks.
Programme is £15 extra and is offered (with other extras) after moving on from choosing the infield car pass and the two tickets.
Silverstone gives us 15 minutes to complete the whole transaction before logging us out.

Thanks for advising about the asterisks. Did you not use the link and book from your Silverstone login account.

I used the link, applied the O/C code, chose day and then needed to log in to my Silverstone account to speed up the financial transaction.
Otherwise lots of typing; do you want emails, name and address etc etc, and only fifteen minutes for a dithering oldie!

Thanks Iain,

All booked up and can’t wait - will just have to go without the turkey this Christmas :grinning:

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That was a formatting error the double asterix is the text bold instruction in the forum, but I left a space so it didn’t bold and left the asterix showing, have sorted now.

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Thanks Iain, weekend ticket ordered.

There will be changes in ticket prices in the New year - so you may want to take advantage of the current pricing before the rises.

Club package prices - after January 3rd

3-day weekend = £140
Friday = £80
Saturday = £114
Sunday = £105

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Update from the organisers

There is due to be a price increase on 3rd April for car club packages. Please advise your members so they can benefit from the lower rate. Packages can be purchased online here.

Prices from 3rd April for car club packages will be:

Package Type Ticket .
3-day weekend £145
Friday £86
Saturday £120
Sunday £99

Car club packages are due to go off sale on 31st May. Please ask your members to book prior to this to avoid disappointment.

Trust Silverstone to be a pain when it comes to tickets. I attend lots of events, especially with MSV and BARC. Tickets are dead easy - a couple of clicks ,paid for and print or keep on phone . But Silverstone now demands you must install its App . Done so ,after much cussing as the app seems to be from the age of steam . And date of birth- why ?

Doubtless it will be all right on the night, as long as you have a smart phone. Most do, but it isn’t compulsory . God knows Silverstone couldn’t even get the old system right -

Grand Prix last year ’ Can’t come in via this gate mate, you’re gate 8 ’ ('The ticket doesn’t specify any gate ’ ) ‘Oh try again then. It says gate 12 now sir’ . After a major strop thrown by me I was let in by the boss security guy , with his apologies .

Classic - 'no, that ticket isn’t registered on our system '. (‘Err yes , it sort of is ,and you’ve taken over a hundred quid for it . And emailed it to me’) ‘Ah , right. You’d best go and see security’. (After a long walk , I join a queue of others with the same problem as me ) 'Oh yes , that is just fine sir '(‘But why wasn’t it fine for the guy on the gate?) ’ Oh , one of those things sir’.

We will see …

My thoughts exactly.

I shall resist buying a phone smart enough to run an app for something I only do once a year.

They only want to bombard you with their stupid ads, like all the **** emails.

I bet that eventually it will be possible to download the pdf from one’s account as before.

I emailed Silverstone Enquiries yesterday very politely and simply about my lack of a suitable Smart phone (mine does calls and texts and not much else).
Today after a short exchange of emails to set up a phone call from Luke, he was very helpful and adjusted my booking so I could download and print the tickets as usual.
Now done.
Happy again.

Can i have details (like who to email)cuz i want to do the same thing please

I simply used their normal help channel
Submit a Request
selected the ‘Events’ box
and then filled in the uniquely numbered request form this generated.

I needed my booking number at one stage, but forget quite where it was in the process.

I expect we are not alone…


Possibly to ensure that you are over 18 (or whatever other date their insurance requires)? However, just because a web site or app asks for your date of birth, it doesn’t mean that you have to tell them what it is.

There are only a small number of organisations with whom I share my real date of birth - all the others get a made-up date. That also applies to any other personal information that I am asked for, and which I do not think the site asking has a legitimate reason for wanting to know.

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I’m not precious about it - Messrs Bezos and Apple know my every thought already . It’s just a PITA providing irrelevant information when all one used to do was buy an eticket or chuck the bloke on the gate some cash

personally its about they took away my option to choose. Nobody likes being told what to do…