Silverstone Festival 2024 - Anniversary Parade

Silverstone Festival Parade
Saturday 24th August

Delighted to be able to announce the Club has been selected for a parade lap on the GP circuit at Silverstone during the Silverstone Festival, to mark the Club’s 30th Anniversary.

Great news if you are already one of 100+ with Club ticket holders for the Festival coming on Saturday, you are automatically included to take part, but if you’d like join in now is the time to get involved as early bird ticket prices increase on 3rd April .

The Parade is scheduled for lunchtime on the Saturday, Members will assemble at the Club display, prior to that - instructions will be available on the day.

Details of how to book are here - Club Member Discount Code for 2024 Silverstone Festival

The fantastic infield display package (two adult admission tickets and one infield car display pass) your Club membership brings huge saving on all weekend tickets.

The club display package pricing will end on 30th June 2024 after which time you will not be able to book an infield spot.

We really urge you to book as soon as you can especially to join the parade , please do not leave it late - there are only a set number of infield tickets for all Clubs for the entire event - Saturday tickets will always be in demand, it is worth considering one of the multi day packages.

Let’s help make this Anniversary year parade a true spectacle!

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Many thanks!

The 25th Anniversary Parade lap five years ago was great, my first venture on the long lap.

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As a noobie to this event, can you give me an idea of the timings for the day? If I choose to come just for the Saturday, what sort of time do you need to arrive by to get on the infield and take part in the parade?

Infield is open from 7.00am until about 9.30am as long as your are queuing by then you’ll get in.

Then go to the zone where the Club will be and look out for the flags and the team on the ground helping to get people on to the stand.

Parade timings not confirmed yet, but will be lunchtime. You’ll get instructions in the tent on arrival of when to be back to the cars and then we’ll move to the assembly areas and be released on to the track.


Thanks. We are also new to club. Just booked tickets for Saturday so great to know. H

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Booked my tickets a couple of days ago. I cannot wait!

Have I got this right now early bird season is over to take part in the SATURDAY RETRORUN (CARS 1984+) there is an additional cost of £135 ?

Retrorun is something else altogether nothing to do with the Club or the parade.

The Club Tickets are now priced at below - these include 2 entry tickets, infield access and display and include the parade on Saturday for those there on that day.

Friday £90
Saturday £125
Sunday £115
Weekend £150

Details of how to book are here - Club Member Discount Code for 2024 Silverstone Festival

Thanks for the clarrification, booked for my first Silverstone Classic since before the pandemic looking forward to bringing recentley rennovated Madge.

Ticket booked!

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Will there be track time available to buy at this event?

No, unless you are driving a history F1 car or similar :wink:

No it is just a demo lap, at walking pace, with the rest of the members and numerous other owners clubs that is on offer.