Silverstone Festival 2024 - August Bank Holiday 23-25th August

We are pleased to announce the MX-5 Owners Club has been selected to exhibit at the 2024 Silverstone Festival and that members will be able to display their cars on an infield pitch with our Club display package.

The Festival goes ahead on the August Bank Holiday (23-25th August 2024) with thousands of classic cars on display, golden era motor racing and epic on-track showdowns across three jam packed days, rounded off with live music every night, the Festival is probably the best and most accessible Classic car event on Calendar.

The fantastic infield display package (two adult admission tickets and one infield car display pass) your Club membership brings huge saving on all weekend tickets.

**Club package prices
Our Club dedicated discount code is accessed here - [Members discount code ]

Tickets will go live soon here:

Infield places are limited and we do urge members to book early for the best prices and secured infield space at this fantastic event, look out for announcements soon.

As it is a special year in 2024, we’ve also applied for an anniversary parade but, we won’t know of the outcome of this yet, and it is unlikely to be announced until into the New Year.

Watch this space!


Thanks Iain, I understand the 2024 tickets go on sale form the 13th November so will keep a look out.

Phil, as soon as we get an update we’ll publish it here.

At least we have knowledge this year that we have a stand and a discount code in place before the tickets go on sale, which is a great help.

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Tickets available now

Club ticket pricing - includes 2 tickets and infield Parking on the stand.

Friday ticket package £80.00
Saturday ticket package £115.00
Sunday ticket package £105.00

3 day ticket package £140.00

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Thanks Iain, have ordered my 3 Day Weekend package.

Thanks Iain,

I’ve ordered my tickets and programme for Saturday 24th.

I see they still want their app installed on a phone. Grrr.

The last time (2023) I haggled them into sending me pdfs of the people tickets and the program voucher.

I don’t know if I’ll succeed in haggling this for 2024. If not I guess my “no mobile data” old phone might struggle on our wifi and load the app, but if so it will be uninstalled the day after I’ve been there.

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That’s what I do with it.

Booked Fri- Sun. I will see if I can manage to arrive first again - beaten to it one day last year. Given my form with Silverstone etickets I dreaded using the app . In 2022 my eticket for the Grand Prix was not recognised and , when it was, I was then told I’d have to go to another gate (about a mile away ) . My ticket wasn’t gate specific - so cue meltdown . After explaining - again - that the problem was them not me I got in . A few weeks later , my Classic eticket wasn’t recognised at first , but after joining the queue of people in the same boat , I got in .

So …,my hopes were not high when I got the app last year . I was ready for another rant . And guess what ? It worked perfectly. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

A Reminder to you that the early offer for Silverstone tickets will end on 2nd January.

There will be some increases to our Display package pricing from the 3rd January.

Please note that Festival organisers offices will be closed now and over the festive season opening again in early January.

The line up for the evening entertainment at the Festival has also been unveiled and you can enjoy performances from Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Busted and Olly Murs on the main stage each night as part of your tickets.


We’ve fancied this event for a few years and thinking this might be the year to do it.

Probably book for the three day weekend for which we’d need to book accommodation in the area, so thinking about travel time to and from Silverstone each day. Maybe a Premier Inn, or a cottage if making it a longer stay in the area.

For anyone who’s been before, what is the expected arrival time at Silverstone each day? Also, if booking through the club are we guaranteed parking with other MX5s in the display area?

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Hi Ray,

It’s a great show to go to. Can’t recommend highly enough for any petrol head. 1 day is definitely not enough!

If you get a Club display ticket you have a space on the stand. The stands are sized to fit all the tickets sold. there are only a finite number of cars let infield so the sooner people get a ticket then its a guaranteed spot.

You do need to be at the gates before 9.30am , but the ticket will tell you when that is if it changes, getting in is simple. earlier the better and you can stay a decent distance away as the routes to Silverstone all quite easy.

You can leave the stand whenever you need to, but that will be it for the day, you can’t go in and out in the car. but recommend staying for the evening music, always a good laugh!

If you opt to camp at Silverstone, you can leave the car on the stand and walk or get the shuttle buses to the campgrounds.


Thanks Iain, that answers everything. Hope to see you there! Ray

Hi John, i’m hoping to book a few days this year.

I was wondering if you had to pay extra to camp or just purchasing the 3 day ticket would allow for you to camp there?

I’m a little unsure.

Thank you, Elliot

Hi @Ered_16 Elliot,
Camping is an additional charge YOUR HOME FOR THE WEEKEND | Silverstone
We haven’t tried the camping out yet as only managed a day so far. We go mostly for the racing, the noise of the classics from the trackside is immense!

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I camp on Woodlands Campsite which is a short stroll (or tractor ride) from an entrance to the track…

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All booked,