Silverstone South 16-07 (evening)

Hi Waving

I’ve just booked a trackday the 16-07 evening at Silverstone. Is there a chance of seeing one of you?



Who have you booked with? might be able to join you…

With CircuitDays:


unfortunately can’t make it now due to work Sad


Bad luck!

Hope seeing you on another trackday Wink

Hey Zoidy

Guess what…managed to blag the work thing so now booked up for friday eve at silverstone Big Smile

Mine is the BRG Mk1 with a yellow stripe!

See you there


Great news ! Big Smile

Now we just have to cross fingers for some sunny spells (that’s unfortunately not won).

For my Mk3, you won’t have any difficulties to spot it: just look at the registration plate and/or the side of the steering wheel Wink

See you soon

hmm…not done a track day in the wet yet…could be interestingHuh?

Never done a trackday at all: sould be interesting whatever the weather Cool

Anyway, could be quite tricky with oem Yoko tyres…

Hey Iggy, you can’t deny you spun: (and actually a near miss by the bmw driver {#emotions_dlg.indif})

Anyway, that was really great fun, even if 56 drivers for 2 and a half hours session is waaaaaaay too much.

Hope to see you on another trackday event Wink

haha evidence lol…actually it was my mate M on that occasssion! Mine was much more dramatic Stick Tongue Out

hope to see you again. check out the mazfest event on mot -

also i am taking a trip to the nurburgring in sept see -

one space left if u r interested


Here is another video where you were, this time, behind the wheel Wink

Thanks for the links, but unfortunately I couldn’t attend on both of them.
For the mazfest, I will be on holidays in south of France (need lots of sun!!!)
And for the nurb, I don’t think my debit card will be as fancy as me Confused

Anyway, I think my next trackday will be at Rockingham. Any feedback on this track?

haha you got me…

the next time round i came off sideways at about 70mph…was how i broke the front suspension lol Huh?

never been to rockingham, hope you have a great time. let me know what you thought of the circuit.

Outch! That’s a bad news Sad

Didn’t seem that bad at first look: just some dirt on the wheel but I wouldn’t have bet on a broken suspension! Hope that it will be sorted out quickly.

Hello i was the silver mk3 with black wheels.

Was very slippy when first out.

Instructor was impressed with the slide through Stowe that lasted ages.

If you want a cheap TD, Mallory 14th Aug.

RTOC have it booked all day OPL i’m there & so will lots of others. 



No kidding…truly wet, but learnt a few lessons thoShock

Mallory sounds spot on, how do I book…i’m not a member of rtoc?

Nearly fixed, just alignment again now Wink

All info there.

£82.50 for trackday inc £25 membership £2.50postage.  

Look out for discount code link to get best reduction.

Following yrs are even cheaper!

Haha all booked up and looking forward to it…never been to mallory beforeShock Thanks for the tip.

Looks like it could be busy on track, said 130 spaces in total!