So, what was the result?

Apologies if I’ve missed something, but have the results of the WR Attempt at Elvington been verified as yet? Can’t seem to see anything in any of the forum topics/threads.

Not yet. There was an update in August’s owners club magazine saying ‘we are still waiting’. It appears to be a very lengthy process but all the data collected by the club is with them. We are therefore still waiting….

Thanks Andrew - I guess patience is a virtue… Fingers crossed, it was a great day.

We are pushing for an answer for next weekend.

Technical administration issue forced a resubmission of the attempt application a while back, but can take up to 3 months for them to decide.

136 days since the awesome day on 28th April


Lets hope theres an answer soon, hopefully to be announced at the National Rally

I also was there … any more information ?


Why, what happened at Elvington?
It’s been that long i’d forgotten even being there!
Oh yeah, massive toilet queues, freezing cold, lack of information regarding radio frequency and somebody shouting ‘CLOSE THAT GAP’ every 10 seconds.
Having said that i enjoyed the day.

Watched Guy Martin last night and his record attempt at Elvington for the fastest tractor record. They didn’t keep him waiting 9 months to confirm the record twice, but perhaps Channel 4 paid the £18,000 to get it verified in the hour ???

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Im sure youll tell us when you know
May I ask what the hold up is?

Has anyone heard what the result was???

This attempt has been re-run since, this topic is 2 years old.

See here…