So who's coming along to be a World Record Breaker then?

I’m sure you all read the Chairman’s bit in the April Soft Top Hardtop?  Of course you did, so you know how excited I am about going for a couple of world records at the Spring Rally. 

Now I know I’ll be there, but who else is coming?  I can’t set a record on my own.

To give you something to aim for here are the crucial numbers:


“Largest parade of convertibles” which is our record already set in 2012



“largest parade of Mazda cars” set in Netherlands in 2013



Given how many we usually attract to our rallies these days it can’t be hard can it?


Add you name below then go off and spread the word. 


And if you are keen on helping on the day the team will be pleased to hear from you. 


John & Patricia ‘Solent Region’

If SAZ the MX5 is working, probably.


Edit: change in plans.

Tim and Laura - sadly can only bring one car (MK4 Sport Nav) as my 10th Anniversary is still off road for winter ha ha 

Steve & Michelle, Southwest Midlands. Looking forward to it

Paul & Lynn, Milton Keynes, MK3.5 Kuro

Count me in  Funnily enough, went with a friend for him to look at a 2.0 sport tech today in Liverpool. We discussed the same thing about how to know if the record breaking attempt could be undertaken, not knowing in advance of the day, how many would participate? Anyway, good news is he bought it and will be attending Spring Rally and joining in the record attempt too  


Touche away! Defo going and bringing an ex member in his NB Arctic 

excellent, I’m keeping count now. 

of course if you have more than 1 MX-5 you need to bring them all!  

Sheila and Gordon from Solent in Sheila’s Mk3.75 Sport Graphite.

As we were one of the 270 cars at Blyton in 2012 for the previous attempt, it would be rude not to do this one.

See you there.


As the second MX-5 I have is a spares car I could possibly bring the sills and rear arches in a dustpan. Would that help? 


Yes, we will be there to be a record breaker - dedication, that’s what you need 

I presume we’re just talking full size ones and not scale models? If not, we can bring 2 (one of each) 

Phil & Jen

My first ever meet - John (North West) - Eunos NA

Yes we will be there in our Mk3 sport, from South Lincs.Plus 4 other 5s.

We’ll be there from Stoke on trent in the “Z”???


John & Julie from Eston Middlesbrough , we will be there 

We will be there, mk3 2.0l sport 

Andy & Helen.Scunthorpe 

Brian & Helen mk3.75 venture sport - tyne tees

Leighton & Pat mk3 sport - tyne tees