Soft top issue

My soft top is in good condition but piping on edges is cracking.
Is it possible to get piping renewed or do I need a new hood?
Any help would be appreciated.

Not sure what you’re describing, but I had some hood stitching issues. Might this help ? …

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I assume this is an older vinyl softtop?
Cracking in the seamed layers around the top of the doors is the first indication of terminal vinyl shrinkage, not reversible.
There is no rush, depending on where the car is stored and exposure to the sun but the shrinkage will continue, cracks will get worse and I would say the top has 1 - 2 years left to live.

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Thanks Bob much appreciated, great reply.
I think I may be able to sort out my problem using the recommended adhesive ( I have watched videos)…I have some other jobs I need to do before I tackle the hood.
I will however, let you know the final outcome.
Thanks again,
Take care,