Softtop burn/damage

Someone or something!!! put a hole in my roof !!! Possibly a burn but very big for a cigarette burn.

Was parked up at work but no CCTV

New roof I would expect but over a grand for a new one, then fitting on top of that.

He is a 2017 and only used ones I can find are for older cars

Any ideas please?

Thank you

Police report and then insurance claim?

Police have filed it as arson but nothing they can do as no CCTV.

Someone from another forum mentioned it could be from light refraction?

Been offered a 2 year old roof from a right off for £500 so might have to look into that.Fitting is £450 though !!!

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It’ll have to be an insurance job surely.

Looks like something hot, piece of iron rod maybe has been prodded into the hood. Sunburn could be another but it would need some unusual to reflect onto that.

didnt particularly want to go through insurance if I can get it done for under a grand.

It was on a particularly hot and sunny day and parked between other cars. No other damage at all,so would have thought if they wanted to pin poiint my car cos it was the best looking !!! they would have keyed it as well.

Too young a car surely to muck around with so I’d have thought Police to provide a crime number, then insurance. Just hope you have Protected NCD.
Look closely,I’m sure it’s deliberate. I can see a sort of “heat halo” going from the top left of the hole. Looks to me like a gas lighter or similar has been held to it.

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Oh well,
Good luck with it.

A hood is about £600 fully fitted, so shop around, I think the quote you have is excessive.

MX-5 restorer is about £600

£830 Mobile fitting

The OP has an ND so the above isn’t any use but it’s a guide to fitting costs.:+1:

Sorry I thought it was an NC.

Repair? See the videos links at

I had a top quality replacement vinyl hood about five years ago on a 2001 MK2. The Soft Top Shop in Stockport.did an excellent job for £450.

New for 7 ?

You haven’t been anywhere near La Palma have you??

Joking aside, sorry to see this, I agree with the others saying go down the insurance route, depending on your excess.

Presume you have checked the interior, in case it was an object that came through the roof?

You could try a “Stormsure Soft Top Repair kit” as a temporary/permanent repair

Try their website

Another recommendation for the Soft Top Shop. Did a great job with a new Mohair top on my 2003 Mk2

Gutted for you, :pensive: I hope you get it sorted out soon.