Solent Area - 1st September 2024: A drive & Visit to Braemore house & Gardens, near Fordingbridge

Hi Everyone,

Please see the link below, which provides full details for the upcoming Braemore House & Gardens visit .

Please reply to this forum post soonest to confirm your attendance and PayPal Payment to me, as the time is fast approaching and the event will soon be upon us!

Team Solent

Hi Mal, Chris & Doug,

Thanks for organising this event which we are looking forward to attending.

We have paid Breamore House via BACS and yes please we would like refreshments from the cafe.

Best wishes,

Sally & Colin

HI Everyone,

I am now fully back home, as of this afternoon (11th May) and have been catching up with admin and updating the Solent Area Programme etc

Also, the Calendar post I created whilst I was on holiday in Los Angesles did not work via the link, for some strange reason and probably got corrupted umpted.

So, I have now re-posted the event and the details are given in Post #1.

As stated in the calendar post, please respond soonest to confirm your attendance and paypal payment to my PayPal account, so we can get the final payment to Braemore House and make sure Sue Harris is happy with our booking.


Team Solent

Hi Mal, Chris and Doug will be attending, I will transfer £19 to you in the normal way

Sorry, cannot make this one as going to a concert
Terry & Diane

Hi Mal, Chris and Doug,

Please add Angela and myself to the list for this visit.

Will pay after posting this.


Ron & Angela :sunglasses:

Hi Mal.
We will be along with Casper.
Will forward the money when we know how we stand bringing Casper.
Richard and Clare.

By way of a quick update,as of Saturday 18th May, we now have six members signed up for this event, so we are halfway to acheiving the numbers required to get the discount offered by Braemore House.

Please sign up for this event if you possibly can, so we dont have to postpone it until later in the year…

Best Regards

Team Solent

Hi Everyone,

Due to not achieving numbers for the group discount for this visit, we have now moved this event to Sunday 1st September 2024 and both the Forum and Calenedar Posts have been updated to reflect this change.

For those who had already paid their monies for this event, we hope you can still make the new September date and I can either hold the PayPal monies already paid to me in readiness for the event, or refund them back to you acccordingly.

To this end, please let me know by emailing me on: Your wish is my command :smile:

Best Regards

Team Solent

Sorry I can’t make this one both dates I have other commitments Gerry

Sorry you are unable to make this one Gerry☹️
If anything changes and you wish to come along, just let me know.

Best Regards


Hi Mal, Doug and Chris
We can make the new date so please add us to the list. Do we pay now or nearer the time?
Howard and Julie

Hi Julie & Howard,

Thats is great news and I will add you to the list👍

You can either pay now or nearer the time and I will annotate your entry in the calendar accordingly.

Best Regards


By way of an update, since moving the date for this event, we are now up to 10 people, which is great.

Please do try and come along to this one, as it promises to be a great visit with a lovely drive via the New Forest and Fordingbridge.

Best Regards

Team Solent