SOLENT AREA - A visit to Immaculate Detailing on 15th March 2020

Hi Everyone,

Please see the event at the following link, organised by Tim Dalby at Immaculate Detailing - you could have your car cleaned by entering your name in the hat and the winners car will be the subject vehicle for the demonstration and have a thorough clean by the professionals. Also, there will be a raffle to win £50 worth of cleaning products, as well as tea and coffee being available.


Mal & Tim

Hi Mal,
Put me down for this one I sadly missed the last visit.


Hi Martin,

Will do, will be good to see you there.

Best Regards


Hi folks, a great take up thus far for the Immaculate Detailing Event.

The list of those saying they are coming along have been put on the spreadsheet, to go into the draw for the prize.

So far, we have;

a) Tracy & Tim
b) Serena & Mal
c) Josie & Brian
d) Martin Down
e) Jules Matthews
f) Steve Fryer
g) Max & Esther?



Hi mal enjoyed the biscuits last time so put me down gerry

Tis done :wink:


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Missed the last one and I’m afraid I’m going to have to miss this one, unless Immaculate Detailing have a branch in Inverness🙄

HaHa, you could be our Scotland Correspondent😜 Enjoy Inverness and the drive up the northern side of the lech over to the west coast is superb. A great MX5 road👍

Good afternoon Mal

Can you please put me down for this one. Just me Bernie. :smiley:

Might be lucky in the draw, you never know :smiley: :smiley:

Many thanks


HI Bernie,

Got that and you are on the list and your name will go into the draw.

Best Regards


Hi everyone,

I visited Immaculate Detailing today and had a chat with Hollie & Stuart and all is good for our visit on the 15th :+1:

Also, the finer details are, as follows;

a) By the 15th, Immaculate Detailing will have moved to another unit, so you will need to make your way to Unit No 6 and not Unit No 21. They are both in the same part of Matrix Park but Unit No 6 is just around the corner and a bit smaller.
b) Immaculate Detailing will provide the coffee & Tea etc.
c) Mal will get Biscuits and Semi-Skimmed Milk.
d) Payment on the day is Cash or Card Only.
e) As stated in my previous post, bu to reiterate, the demo car will be drawn out of the hat of those attending to be the subject car of our visit.
f) Demo car to be on site fro 10:45 at the latest.
g) Remainder of cars to be on site 11:00 at the latest.
h) A raffle for a £50 bundle of cleaning products will be held at a cost of £5 per strip of tickets but the prize is of exceptional products, as you will see on the day.
j) Products will be on sale on the day and if not in stock can be paid for and people will be notified when they are in and can be collected or i will collect them for you and bring them along to an evening meet or drive.
k) Both Hollie & Stuart will be on hand for the duration of our visit to chat to.
l) there are both Male & Female toilet facilities.
m) Mal to provide numbers to Immaculate Detailing prior to the event.

Hope this helps, any questions, just ask.



Hi Mal,

I’m hoping to get to this one - it’s in the diary but it is the weekend of Esthers birthday so not sure if I’ll be allowed out to play!

Unless her corsa can be the demo car?? :sweat_smile:

Mal I’ll be there and maybe Andrew cheers Tim

Many thanks for the responses Gents.

Max - I am sure Esther wont mond, esp if your car wins the draw to be fully valeted :grinning:

Tim - great stuff, so will you be in the 30th AE and Andy in the Silver Bullet?



Hi Mal sorry I will not be able on this one sorry Gerry

Hi Mal
Just checking you have me down fingers crossed, Ed needs a bath :grin::grin::grin::sunglasses:

Hi Jules, you are on the list.



Myself and :oncoming_automobile: Maisie will be there so please put Maisie in the draw as she needs a bit of a pamper :joy:
Kind regards,

Hi Steve,

Delighted to hear from you and I will certainly add you and Maisie to the list.

Best Regards


To clarify, it is not the Immaculate Detailing visit that is cancelled but the Hinton Ampner Visit.