SOLENT AREA - Daytime Archery Event on 15th June 2022

Hi Everyone,

Josie & Brian Chandler, have kindly arranged an Daytime Archery Event for us on the 15th June, at their Archery Club in Waterlooville.

The details for this event, are as follows;

Start Point: Morrisons, Lakesmere Road, Horndean. PO8 9FB
Start Time: Arrive by 09:30 for a prompt 09:45 departure.

Destination Point: Forest of Bere Bowmen, Blendworth Lane, Waterlooville. PO8 0FF
Arrival Time: Approx 10:00

Cost: £10 per person to cover venue costs and loan of equipment (Includes free Tea and Coffee). The venue requires this money, ahead of our visit on the 15th June, So, please make payment(s) via PayPal to: and don’t forget to tick the “paying friends or family box”, to save incurring any charges and I will cross you off the extort monies list accordingly :grinning:

Josie will lead us from Morrisons, Horndean, to the venue, which takes about 5 to 10 minutes and once there we will receive a Safety Briefing and partake in some Bowmanship under the watchful eyes of Josie & Brian :+1:

Once our session is over, we will depart the Archery club and venture to The Red Lion, Horndean, which is about 0.25 miles away, for some lunch. Josie has booked a table for approx 20 people at 13:00, so we are all set:+1:

Please respond to this forum post to confirm your attendance at both the Archery and Lunch and we will add you to the list, in order to keep Josie & Brian Updated on numbers.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Josie, Brian, Mal & Terry

Hi please add me to the list ,thanks Jules

Will do Jules, you are No1 on the list, apart from Serena and myself of course :grin:

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Please add Ash to your list for Archery only

Please add me for the archery. Not sure about lunch, but will let you know later. Regards, Nigel

Hi Josie & Brian
Terry & I will be there

Many thanks to all who have responded thus far. You are in the list.



Sounds like a great day. Please add me to the list

Hi Guy,

Good to meet you on the Shaftesbury Drive, if only very briefly.

I will duly add you to the list for the Archery and dont forget to keep an eye on the forum for any updates.

Best Regards


Hi Brian & Josie
It will be only Me (Diane) doing the Archery, Terry will be with me
Look forward to it

Hi Everyone,

This one is going quite well so far but we could do with a few more, to make up numbers for Josie & Brian.

So, please rely to this thread to get your name on the list of attendees.


Mal & Terry

Hi Mal,
Please reserve two places, one for myself and one my wife Louise. We would like to attend the archery and the lunch.
Many thanks.

Hi Twig,

Will do👍

Hopefully, you have seen the latest update to Post #1 on the forum, ref payment for this event via PayPal :wink:



Thanks Mal, payment sent.

Hi, Payment sent, Nigel

Many thanks Twig and Nigel,
Much appreciated.

Hi Evryone,

I have just been through the list of attendees for the Archery Event and pasted below is a screen grab of the list of attendees, complete with PayPal Payments (as of this morning) and Meal Attendance confirmation.

If anyone notices any glaring errors or ommision, please let me know soonest.



Has anyone been to Port Solent recently?
Last time I went, (not in the MX5) probably around a year ago there were rather large speed humps on the entrance roads which may be a problem for those of us running a tad low.
Any recent info appreciated, although I will try and get over there before the event to make sure I can get in!

We were there not too many weeks ago and yes, there are speed bumps but if taken very slowly they should not be an issue…unless you 5 is one of the super low ones :thinking:

Thanks Mal.
I should be able to get over to try them beforehand. I know my car is really too low to be practical (I think it’s about 90mm) but haven’t had time to adjust it, or when I have it’s been raining😂. It was OK (just) at Darren’s (tracking) and I’ve lifted it by 5mm or so since then.