SOLENT AREA - Update to Lake District Tour, September 2021

Dear All,

To save any confusion by editing a previous post, that originally goes back to June 2020 for this event. We have decided to create this new post with the latest information, based on the “UK Governments Roadmap” out of Lockdown, now the vaccines are thankfully rolling out :+1:

This event has sadly moved three times, having originally been scheduled for June 2020. Then, due to Covid-19 it moved to May 2021. Now, it is set for 12th to 14th September 2021 - So, we are working on the principle of 3rd time lucky :pray: :grinning:

We are also pleased to report that, we are now up to 9 cars for this event, which is absolutely brilliant and the list of participants, is as follows;

Car 1 - Mal & Serena
Car 2 - Terry & Diane
Car 3 - Bob & Val
Car 4 - Nick & Caroline
Car 5 - Jules
Car 6 - Max & Esther
Car 7 - Roger & Lynn
Car 8 - Greg & Margaret
Car 9 - Phil & Roz
Car 10 - John & Patricia

The Castle Inn Hotel is a Best Western Hotel and features great facilities for us to make it our base for this tour and make our stay as comfortable as possible, rather than living out of a suitcase and moving around between hotels, as we did with our Irish Causeway Tour in 2019, which members found cumbersome and not at all relaxing.

For info, Serena and I have decided that, after being in lockdown for so long and wanting to have a slightly longer break, to extend our time in The Lakes, by staying an additional night, at The Castle Inn Hotel. We will then venture part way South on the 16th September, possibly staying in the Cotswolds Area to round off the trip.

Best Regards



Hi Mal

Could you please add us (Philip & Roz) as Car 8?

Hi Phil & Roz,

Happy to have you along but please could I ask you to email Kieran direct (please copy me also:, as he is coordinating all our bookings and liaises direct with the hotel to obtain discounts and ensure all is well for our tour.

Kieran’s email is:

Be sure to inform Kieran in your email whether you are just doing to 12th to 14th Sept, or staying on any additional nights and also any dietry requirements and he will sort this for you also.

I will add you to the list of cars, once Kiearan confirms your hotel booking is secured.

FInally, keep an eye on this thread for any updates.

Best Regards


I thought Greg & Margaret Walker are booked in & confirmed.

Apologies Greg, my error - now corrected :+1:

Anyone had any thoughts on whether they will start the drive up on the Saturday and if so where they might wish to stop over.
Could be nice to do a little convoy at some point?

Hi Max, Patricia & I have asked for figures to make up the 10 cars and the last remaining room, as the journey on Sunday would take up most of the day, we would be interested on travelling up on the Saturday and staying over to break up the drive.

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With reference to the two recent posts and that fact that this tour now approaching 10 cars and the possibility of this drive taking place becoming a reality, as it had moved twice in the past, due to the “Dreaded Covid”. Our thoughts are now turning to driving up part way the day before.

We had a chat about this today, 1st April (No, it’s not an April fools joke :grinning:), as Diane & Terry popped over for coffee in the garden, now restrictions have eased and the plan is for those that wish to, drive up part way on the Saturday.

Looking at the map and our route up country, there are Premier Inns within striking distance of the motorway, at Cannock, Stoke on Trent and Nantwich, all offering good overnight accommodation and a place to have evening meal together. If members wish to avail themselves of this overnight stop to break the journey, on the way up to the Lakes, we would be very happy to see you and have a meal together that evening.

We can then drive up refreshed the next day and meet with the reminder of our group at The Castle Inn Hotel, Keswick. This hotel is a Best Western and therefore very good quality and with good facilities, so dont forget your swimiming costume :wink:

You will have seen from my earlier post on this thread, that Serena and I and a few others are staying an additional night at The Castle Inn, to make more of a holiday of it and we will drive south the 15th Sept, with a view to stopping for an additional one-nighter on the way down, in perhaps another Best Western or Premier Inn around the Cotswolds or Gloucestershire area. This will be confirmed in due course, once we have made a final decision and we will post details in another post on this thread.

Finally, the lovely Jodie at SCCT is checking, as to availability of roooms to possibly add another couple of cars to the booking. Once Jodie comes back to me with an update on this I will make the details known.


Hi Mal, sounds good although we were hoping to get north of Manchester to make the drive on Sunday as chilled and relaxing as possible.

Do we know what time we can check in at the castle Inn, I can’t see it on the paperwork. Would be nice if we could get check in early afternoon to enjoy the facilities and freshen up ready for dinner…


Hi Max,
Happy to take suggestions on this, as nothing booked yet. Preston North, is a good way up and close to the M6. We just need to check out what facilities are at this and other venues and especially what type of restaurant is availabl, as they do vary.

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Hi Mal great news,I’m just planning on driving straight there so an idea of check ins would be great do I can plan fuel stops etc.
Looking forward to seeing you all.

Hi Mal yes the Preston North area would be great for us.
Will have to look at details for things over the weekend :slight_smile:

We’ve certainly been thinking of stopping over somewhere on the Saturday night (and again on the way back). Otherwise it’s a 5 or 6 hour mostly-motorway drive, which is a bit of a slog, especially for the passenger.

As far as I know. One couple has. We have been busy today but hope to book tomorrow.

Just been online and booked the Premier Inn, Preston North.

Link pasted here, so members know which one to book :wink:

Hotel details

Garstang Road, Bilsborrow, Preston PR3 0RE

Free on-site parking is available at this hotel.

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We’ve just booked the Preston North Premier Inn for the night of Saturday 11th.

(We also paid the extra £12 to allow cancellation up to 1pm on the day of arrival).

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We have also booked in for the Saturday night with breakfast on Sunday.
Alas we will be coming straight home on the Wednesday as I need to be back ready to work the weekend at Goodwood

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Fantastic news Max and Esther. And we fully understand ref you needing to get back south for work after the tour.

Look forward to seeing you both soon.


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Hi Mal. We will probably leave (Whitchurch) at crack of dawn on the Sunday, when hopefully traffic will be quieter and follow M1
A1to east of Midlands. Open to suggestions on the route as not travelled north for sometime!
Several comfort breaks and leg stretches should see us arrive late afternoon/early evening.
Roger and Lynn

Hi Roger,

That is absolutly fine.
We realise people have other commitments and work etc.
We look forward to seeing you and Lynn at The Castle Inn on the Sunday.