Solent Silverstone Classic 2021

Hi All,
I have purchased my tickets for the Saturday at Silverstone, is anyone lese going, it’s my first time of going in my MX5, do we have an area place in the inner field and/or does anyone go up in a convoy.

In the past there have been the club zones on the inner field, it works very well, so I assume it will be the same again. And the races were excellent. My tickets from last year have been held over so I’ll be there on Saturday!

Convoys might happen, but there will be so much interesting and usually immaculate classic traffic heading that way I almost prefer not to be in one, and I’m a bit closer than most Solent members. In 2019 I followed a TVR Griffith for quite a long way on the back route, and there were a couple of classic Aston DB something’s behind me, all eventually going to the Club zones. The closer I got to Silverstone the less non-classic traffic there was. It was great.

Warbird’s posting has lots of excellent pictures capturing the flavour brilliantly

And I took a few for my personal interests

@Tygger @RichardFX
Patricia and I have booked for the Saturday, we live nr Portsmouth…

Hi Richard
I am aware that there are dedicated car club zones as I’ve been a number of times in my Porsche and then my Ferrari, but it’s my 1st time with the MX5 Merlot and I’m interested in what arrangements the Solent area arrange. Previously we’ve travelled in small convoys, I’m in Titchfield and will be happy to travel up with others.


We rolled forward our 3 day pass from last year so will be staying up there at least one night.
I am not sure if we are actually going for all 3 days yet though :sweat_smile: