Sound deadening in boot

Good evening. Is it just me or does the boot lid on my 2012 Sport Tech sound like a tin can when you open or shut it. My question is therefor is a kit available to reduce the noise it makes. Thanks Dave.

Your right there mate , the noise i hate most is when you pull the bonnet release lever !

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I had some felt in my garage which was thin enough to squeeze between the reinforcing and the skin of the lid but only just, so I cut it into the shapes of the apertures with a centimetre or so overlap and squeezed them into place.
No more clanging, just a nice thunk when I close it now :slight_smile:

Get some stick on sound deadening mat. This stuff goes on panels and cuts the resonance by changing how they vibrate. Think of a drum skin with a finger resting on it. You don’t need mountains of it, and if you cut and shape it neatly does not harm the aesthetics.
Google Silent Coat, other brands are available.


Gram strategy at its best. It’s a design feature.

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Just filled my nc1 boot lid voids with expandable foam filler.
Used some decent tape to mask off all holes and filled, back of number plate lights would need taping also.
I never bothered doing the lights as I ordered some LED versions.
Also filled the duck tail spoiler ive just fitted.
The lid now feels more robust if this make sence and shuts with an almost “German car” sound.

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Wartburg or Trabant?


A step up on Trabant… think they were mostly paper mâché wernt they :smile:

Duroplast, plastic reinforced by cotton or wool fibres, interestingly the factory they were made in is now producing VWs ID.3 battery electric cars. Erich Honecker must be turning in his grave.

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I’ve got some dynamat to stick on the inside of the bootlid for the same reason, not done it yet so can’t comment on how effective

Hi Steve. We have just purchased a 2012 Sport Tech hardtop but I think the boot sounds like a tin can. All ok your end?