Speed gun legal?

My narrow, winding local road has become a commuter ratrun with many cars exceeding the 30 mph limit. We residents are pushing the council to take measures and are gathering evidence of traffic volume etc. But it would also help if we could have some indication - albeit unofficial - of traffic speed. There are a couple of handheld devices for sale on eBay etc so it must be ok to own one but does anyone know if it’s legal to use them on UK roads? Thanks in anticipation…

Only illegal if you are impersonating a police officer, or using it to obtain payment from a motorist.


Crack on. Non enforceable, non admissible.
Won’t make a hoot of difference…bar perhaps some agitated nutter reversing & making sure you have your teeth to play with.


Yes! crack on with the community speedwatch volunteers area. Won’t stop everyone but it makes a lot slow down and worry that they may get something through the post.
I understand that the info gathered by the volunteers get’s sent to the police and a letter of warning can be sent out to speeders. Police pretty busy with Covid though.
Understand that the police will provide a speed gun when a volunteers speed check area is set up.
Worth a try.

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I’m thinking of something more informal, rather than something Stasi-esque.

I would give it a go, as we have a similar issue in our village. However be wary as whilst many drivers will slow down if they see someone pointing a speed gun at them, just make sure you do not look like a policeman, or you could get into trouble, so no hivis jacket etc, but be aware that someone may stop and argue/become defensive angry etc…

I’m all for trying to stop these boy racer morons, using the busy town roads as their personal racetrack, doing doughnuts on roundabouts etc, but the high vis clad local residents anti speeding militia has resorted to hiding behind tree’s, bushes and the openings to farmers fields down the country back roads, and leaning out at the last minute and pointing the speed gun at you when they hear a car coming, this can be quite disconcerting , these sneaky tactics haven’t gone down too well.

Thanks Snelly. All I want to do is stand outside my house and clock the b*ggers. This will be purely unofficial but just to gather evidence to support our case. As a long time trackdayer with Elises, a Caterham and my MX5 we all like speed - but in the right place. But I’d still like to know that, if I buy a speed gun on eBay, will I be breaking the law by simply using it?

If you’re stood at the side of the road, should wear hi-viz. That’s simply managing personal risk, not impersonating a police officer.

I don’t see how you’d be breaking the law. Which law did you have in mind?

I can’t tell you the number of angry confrontations I’ve already had with these four-letter-fellows. I now turn on my phone before dealing with them to record whatever they say and report them to the police (although we all know that nothing will be done). Just as an example, I found a 53 metre skid mark yesterday just before a narrow S-bend in our pavementless 30mph country road. It indicated a speed of 60mph FFS. That’s why I hope that there’s a club legal eagle out there who advise me if using a personal speed gun is legal (although the data would only be a guide)…

I’m all for trying to stop these morons, my road is a cut through on this small estate, they drift around this turning and accelerate up the road at full speed, with very loud exhausts, my neighbour has already asked the council for speed humps on this road, if the local volunteers want to point speed guns it should be around here, rather than leaning out from behind a bush and pointing it in my face whilst I’m driving along a B road, not going particularly fast , and minding my own business.
That said I wish you well trying to sort out your own speeding problem.

That’s why I hope that there’s a club legal eagle out there who advise me if using a personal speed gun is legal (although the data would only be a guide)…

Meaning nothing anyone has told you so far is of much consequence?
Maybe Google is your best bet. Or best still, call your own local Plod Traffic Section.

Speeding has become a real problem these days far to many boy racers they do it because they know they can get away with it not enough traffic police around to catch them now. Just a few weeks ago my wife and I were sitting at a set of traffic lights on red at a very busy intersection when someone in an Audi came speeding past straight across if anybody had been coming across I hate to think of the consequences.

Why not try something similar to this and put a hi-vis on it.

Or if your a sadist try this.

Nobody would take any notice if you put this up - apart from laughing and trying to run him over!!

I recall a story a few years back in the news about a bloke who made a fake speed camera out of some guttering he spray painted yellow, not sure on the legality of it but I bet it worked

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I drove through some village in the West Country, where someone seemed to have made their own GATSO out of a cornflake box and stuck it in their garden.

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I seen this elsewhere. Probably as effective as a local vigilante with a hair drier standing beside the road, and a lot less likely to be confrontational. Gets the point across with out being self-righteous.

In the village I grew up in, someone living next to the main road which has a 40mph limit, has erected a bird feeder in their garden. It looks just like a GATSO… Works well.

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