Spring Rally 2009


Details to be posted here very shortly.

Edited to say 2009 [;)]

Looking forward to this one, having just read the details in Softop Hardtop [:D]

 I’ll be there, all being well

Sounds like a good one, just waiting for some works from Mick and the gang to add on here…  [Y]

Or its copy and paste from my proof copy of STHT… [;)]

 I’ll hopefully get to this one to if i dont kill my car again. [:$]  only a short drive to Elvington from here. I did a skid control and defensive driving course there in september. Got a wee skeg around the air museum to, there’s an impressive bomber there called Friday 13th. think its in STHT.

I’m not sure we could top the advert that Tracy embelished for us in STHT.  If you could copy and paste that onto here I will then manipulate it and add links to new sub threads like accommodation, competitions, activities etc etc

Looking forward to this very much !! Will be a long way to drive in a day but worth it. [H]


Get your tent out and make a weekend of it - you know it makes sense [;)]


OR come and slum it with the rest of the Eastern Region in one of our rundown ramshackle cottages. See HERE for more details. [;)]

As a new member I am looking forward to this, will be the first long drive my little lady has been on(only had her 6 wks) and going back to the homeland.


All will be made welcome… but most especially expat Yorkshire Folk [:)]

Hello am from yorkshire am new on the forum I take it the rally is going to be held in yorkshire. I would like to attend, is it open to all? And what is the process, can I join in the actual rally, or will I have to be one of the spectators?

Its a rally in the old fashioned sense ZAK  Meaning “coming together”


Yes you can turn up Park your car with all the rest (possibly 500+ Mx5’s) nose arounf look at the stands and possibly even give your car a thrash on the circuit…its open to all .Menbers + Non members

The only restriction is you have to be a current member to enter one of the specific events (hot , cool , best kept)


My 1st rally was the 2003 yorkshire rally in Harrogate and 6 years latter I will be back again

Hopefuly with both cars (hot and cool) and on the track as well…


Great driving , loverly scenery and folk who speak funny [;)](apart from Mick G) what more could you want.




Ohok t hanks for that. By the way what do you mean by specific events ‘hot’ ‘cool’ ‘best kept’?

They are the show 'n shine catagories at the rallies. In short Hot - Judged on Performance Mods, Cool - Judged on Cosmetic Mods & Best Kept - judged on Best Kept…ness.

that sound like a fun day just 8 miles for me so am looking forward to having a blast around the track will hamster be their from top gear!!

My better half is originally from York and the family still live there so it is a familiar drive to me.

 Just over 200 miles from bonny Scotland - relatively new member as well so looking forward to it!

The coverage in STHT was great!

We are coming up from Kings Lynn for this event.

 Folks I cant find my Autumn STHT and have no idea on the details for this. Especially as I should have a 5 again by then.
As its January can someone put something on this thread as to times dates and places as getting it in the diary could be an issue soon as time is pressing on.

 (typically  I can find all the STHT’s from 2002 easily but not the issue before  last.)#
 Ohh its in the last one -sorry