Spring Rally 2012, Got any questions ? Post here....

Post all you questions in this thread and the Cornwall Spring Rally Team will try to answer them…


 Looking forward to the rally. 

Me to, accomodation already booked for the week with Eastern Region guys and gals…Big Smile

Big Smile My first MX5 rally and in my home county…what could be better!!! Make it good and will come up to Gloucestershire…altho do that quite often as am a Gloucester supporter in rugby…love the shed!






 we have friends that live in cornwall (callington) and may well stay with them for the weekend of the rally…will they be able to attend the dinner on saturday night as our guests ?

Already excited about this
Forget Christmas bring on the Spring Rally
Booked in to Self-Catering with a bunch of other 5rs so we’ll be loitering in Kernow for the week following and hope to take part in any runs so will keep an eye out for those Thumbs up

 I know it’s early days but I’m sure we like to know what’s planned for Sunday. Any special events?

Hi MrChrome, thanks for your enquiry.  The Rally Programme for Sunday will hopefully, be full of special events and Cornish surprises!

It is a bit early yet to confirm details. More info to come in the STHT.Wink

Shaz (Spring Rally Coordinator)


Thanks Shaz… Big Smile

 This my first MX5, my first participation in a big rally and my first attempt at posting a forum message - Phew!  Never too old to try new stuff!  Roll on the Spring!  Miranda (my 5) can’t wait.

{#emotions_dlg.bigsmile} Another Glos supporter - great stuff!  Are you going up to Exeter this Saturday?  They are going to need some support right now!

 Fraid not due to having to work…was invited up there tho!  Not sure who i would support tho as am glad Exeter up there!  Good to see premiership rugby down west!  Enjoy if yr going!


A good question bk65

– Thanks


The Rally Dinner Dance
is intended for MX-5 OC members only with obvious due consideration to their

We are limited to 200
for the function at The Falmouth Hotel, and we need to be fair to all OC
members, so, any member applicants will be restricted to 2 tickets.

However, your friends
could attend Rally Day by paying the standard public entrance fee, and so could enjoy
the day with you.  OC members
attend for free, and for any non-member MX-5 owners, they can attend and pay a nominal
entrance car fee set by OC Club (TBA), which is offset if they join our
club on the day.

If your friends are  MX-5 owners, then we would recommend
they join the club now, and they would then qualify to apply for Dinner tickets
themselves, plus, we would gain 2 more Cornish marshals. T’would be proper
ansom all round, but you may not see your friends, cos they’d be workin ard for
The Cornish Fives.Smile

Another consideration
is, we are planning Luxury Picnic
Hampers for Rally Day, and you will be able to pre book these ‘as a thank you treat’ for yourselves and
friends. Booking Details in the Feb issue STHT. Just remember to pack picnic
chairs and make sure your Area Event Tent is brought down and set up in our
designated Picnic Village area under the Castle Walls of Pendennis. Believe us
the views are truly stunning.

For your information
Callington is some 60 miles and about 90 minutes from Falmouth.

So, twas a good
question, and we’ve probably given a bit more than you bargained for, but
thought we’d sort it out proper like.

Shazmaz & Mike

Spring Rally Team


Can you guarantee top down weather for the week (18th -25th) we’re there, because there is nothing worse than a soggy Pastie.

 We are a bit annoyed about the location of the caravan park chosen by the club . This months Soft Top Hard Top magazine suggested a caravan site near Newquay and requested that an early booking was advised. We have done this but have now found out from the forum that transport from this particular site will not be offered for the Saturday evening entertainment. Because early booking was advised we have already booked our accommodation and paid a deposit therefore if we want to attend the evening entertainment we will have to pay for a 40 minute taxi to get there and back or one of us will not be able to drink! If other accommodation was going to be offered, as it now is on the forum, it might have been worth stating this in the advert in the magazine. We can’t all afford £400 plus for accommodation and would have thought the caravan site recommeded by the club in Newquay would have transport organised or may be another caravan site closer could have been suggested.

We are now in two minds whether to lose our deposit and not bother going, which is a big disappointment

Hi Robtuba

We are on the case and will report back to you soon.


Spring Rally Co-ordinator. Cornish Fives



many thanks, everything i needed to know, in a nutshell…lol !



[quote user="robtuba"]  We are a bit annoyed about the location of the caravan park chosen by the club [/quote] Hi Robtuba,


We’ve now looked into the situation.


First of all, and much to our dismay, the October
issue of STHT somehow omitted our Full Accommodation List.

The Forum Accommodation Listing is correct. All ACs
should have received printed flyers from the National AC/AGM meeting held at
Kegworth last month. The next issue of STHT will have beeen proof read by

Please read our posted PM sent to you requesting you
phone us, as we need your name and booking details


Meanwhile, Riverside has very generously offered to
fund Dinner transportation to those already booked in with them. We will have a
Rally Team member ‘Tim’ actually staying on site, who will be closely
monitoring this.


We note the Riverside Holiday Park campsite was
intended as an alternative option for those members wanting to stay up on the
North Coast.  The Pennance Mill
Campsite, Maenporth, Falmouth being our South Coast choice.

Mike & Shazmaz

Spring Rally Co-ordinators, Cornwall


 Hi ,

Helen, my wife has started a home made soap buisness and thought it would be nice to have a stand at the Spring rally.

She has done a few craft fairs but isnt a trader as such.


Could someone PM me details of how she would apply, cost  etc, Or would it be an attraction for the fairer (real men moisturise and all that!) sex.