Spring Rally 2013, Got any questions ? Post here....

Post all your questions in this thread and the Tayside Spring Rally Team will try to answer them…

A group from the North West will be coming. Seven couples have booked so far using “Booking.com” and I hope more will join in.

Can you please advise how we book for the Saturday evening function.



 Hi Jim

Great to hear that you’re coming up to Scotland for the rally, at the moment final arrangements are still being made.

The February edition of Soft Top Hardtop will include the booking form for the Saturday evening event in Fishers Hotel.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our country in 2013.


Ian Ness



Can I ask how soon you can tell us if dogs are allowed at the event, I have booked a hotel for a week but if Sam is not allowed I may not be able to attend. Which could mean paying some money to the hotel for cancellation. And like at the national at Prescott we had several dogs turn up I was on car parking duty which we had to turn away because people did not read the post on site, so please can it be made clear to all that dogs are allowed or not and as soon as possible.

Many Thanks

Terry and Sam

 This important to us too (and I’m sure many others).


We’ve booked a two week holiday in the Highlands to coincide with the Rally, and Jess will be with us.  I understood the restrictions at Blyton & Prescott to be due to them being motor sport venues, and so with seeing nothing about restrictions on the site assumed we’d be okay at Pitlochery.

She really enjoyed Falmouth, and so looking forward to her first trip to Scotaland and particulalrly another MX5 Rally, so paws crossed it’s okay Dog.

She had a minor op this week, so is grounded and having to wear a bucket on her head Sad … lets have some good news to cheer her up Big Smile




 Hi Terry and Ray

Good news dogs are allowed on the rally site in Pitlochry therefore Sam and Jess will both be made very welcome.

As this is a public area the normal rules apply regarding dog fouling and being kept on a lead etc.

Sam can also set up like he did in Falmouth to raise money for the lifeboats. I remember him being a big hit with everyone on the day.

Hope this helps and we look forward to seeing you all in Pitlochry


Ian Ness

 Great news, thanks for letting us know Ian.

 That is great news Many thanks IanBig Smile.

Sam hops that Jess gets better soon and looking forward to seeing Jess at ScotlandDog.

 Hi to all, please keep the questions coming, I will try to answer all that are posted. 

As the months go by more information will become available on the forum and also in upcoming editions of Soft Top Hardtop magazine.

We at Tayside Area and all other areas in Scotland look forward to seeing as many MX-5 owners club members and their cars next year in Pitlochry.

We would like to inform you, that my wife and I booked the ferry from IJmuiden to Newcastle to visit the Pitlochry Spring Rally. We booked a room in the Fisher’s hotel as well for three nights.

Looking forward to seeing you all and the promising happy reunion with the stunning Scottish countryside might help us get throug the wintermonths.

Marcel and Aranka Krechting, MX 5 Owners Club NL.(still looking for a NC hardtop).

The Recreation Ground

Whereabouts is it?
Off Ferry Road/Tummel Crescent?

Ty Geek

 Hi VO5Jo

Yes this is correct the Recreation Ground is situated at the junction of  Ferry Road and Tummel Crescent, Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland. PH16 5DD

I’ve updated the FAQ’s with this information.

Hope to see you there.

 Hi Marcel and Aranka

We look forward to meeting you at the rally and hope you both enjoy our wonderful country and hospitality.

Diolch yn fawr, Ian Thumbs up

A handful of us are staying out overlooking Loch Tay for the week so am as excited as kangaroo on speed Dancing


Also worth a mention there will be some signage to the site from the main road.


 If a few are going up for a few day’s like Sam and I why don’t we meet up the Friday night for a meal  any one interested Tez and Sam woof woofDog

I know some of the gang are booked in somewhere on the west coast en route - i am stopping with friends en route - looking to take two days to amble up there Cool

Hi I was just having a quick read through and tried to find the location using the post code in google maps, are you sure that the post code is correct?



Hi D4V1D

Many thanks for finding my mistake, the correct post code is PH16 5DD. I hope you can find the rally site now.

Other than the reference in your post above all incorrect postcodes have now been corrected.