Spring Rally 2015 Tickets

just been online and booked my tickets. Looking forward to going and seeing the MK4 and anyone I know. Also looking forward to going to a circuit I cycled around many years ago. :slight_smile:

ditto the booking & the mk4 &&&& never been round on a bicycle!
been round in a bmw 3, a formula first & a caterham (didn’t like the formula thing cos I’m 6’ 5")

also booked  our tickets using my laptop, but couldn’t get the site to work oñ my tablet or phone.


Ordered my tickets.  I’ve never cycled around Oulton Park, but, being originally from the South East I bike raced,

(Tommy Simpson was my hero), on the Crystal Palace motor racing circuit back in the late 50’s early 60’s. 

Great circuit for biking & I re-call seeing James Hunt performing well in either formula 2 or 3.

Is the circuit still in use today for any purpose?


Crystal Palace was partly lost when the athletics stadium was upgraded. Some parts of it are still there, though. I think it’s only used for sprints now.



Thank you for the Crystal Palace circuit update.


Booked tickets yesterday, it wasnt easy on a tablet, but easier than smartphone. It said it was dine, but I havent got a confirmation email. I also booked one for the other half with his membership, and no confirmation for him either. Should I be worried?

Hi Ali,

There is a mobile “friendlier” version http://www.springrally.co.uk/mobile.html But it is the best that could be done with the short notice, to have a functioning and working solution in the time we had.

The confirmation emails are automated and go to the email address entered on the form, there is a chance because of their automated nature that Spam filters will pick them up - if you saw the confirmation screen then it went through - as that process triggers the email - and upon checking the database I see your membership number in the list.

When processed the database will automaticaly highlight duplication which will be checked individually and maximum of 2 tickets only to any membership, it will also highlight forum only users who will not receive tickets, but the data will be check against the new member signups in March and April. 

I booked my tickets within an hour or two of the announcement and received the confirmation email soon after. So far so good. However I’m visiting Honourable No.1 Daughter in Bridgnorth for the week before the rally and hope the tickets get to my home address before I leave!


thank you for looking into it, Iain. Don’t worry I fully understand why the mobile site was the way it was, and think the club did an excellent job to sort out any solution to the ticketing problem. I have checked the spam folders of both accounts ( as an obvious possible answer) but with no luck. Out of my area, 3 did have emails and 3 did not. i didn’t want to go simply ordering more when we are only ordering a max of two. 

Is it cookie based as well as I used my browser to also order for my fellow Oc member, using their number and email? They also didn’t get a message. Is it possible the email just glitched later in the evening, when those of us who work ordered, as that seems to be a common factor?


thanks for looking into it

This is worrying, I too have checked mailboxes and spam boxes and again no confirmation email? I hope things are ok as we as a group have paid a lot for an extended break in the area. I will be mightily peeved should I not get in…

Booked two tickets on line, easy but as with others have no confirmation email ?

Is there any way to check the request has been received?

Should be a another great day and hope the weather is as good as Brroklands and GAydon

I booked the tickets on line the day it was posted here, using a tablet. Though I didn’t get a confirmation email.
I’ve just done it again on the mobile site and got an email straight back. Hope doing it twice doesn’t mess it up.

I didn’t receive an email either (always check spam box as well) so thinking i had done something wrong I did it again.
was worried i might have doubled up but have now read that the clever techie computer stuff will throw out duplications.

If I have understood correctly, I do not need to request entry tickets if I have booked the Dinner at the Hotel - these will be sent automatically. Can someone confirm that this is correct please?


I can confirm that it is correct :slight_smile:


Tickets booked! 


The ticket heads up came in the day we went away on holiday. 

When we have wifi it’s okay and a quick sprint of playing catch up occurs but only on my phone.

Au secours!

I fired off a quick email before leaving the country on Tues (ish) but have not had an email back


Quick easy assistance would be most appreciated. 

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Stand down.  Panic over. 

Diolch yn fawr Captain Haddock. 

All sorted