Spring Rally 21st / 22nd May 2011 - The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Nr Maidstone, Kent

 Hi Folks

Just to let everyone know that the South East are hosting the next Spring Rally, yes I know we are enjoying the sunny weather and it seems like months away but it will soon be here on our doorstep.

We are hosting the Rally at The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Nr Maidstone Kent. The venue is booked and we have the details of Hotels / camping fascilities for you to book up nice and early these will be in the next STHT (July 2010) for your information and I will be publishing the details on the website as I get the confirmations of what we will be offering.


We will be sending a flyer out in the STHT magazine in the December issue with a booking form for the Spring Rally sit down meal  for 200 people, the venue for the sit down meal is at The Hop Farm so this will allow those camping to just walk to the event if they wish, and coaches will be arranged for people staying in the hotels named. We will also give details of the runs for Saturday so you can book this up with your form and send to us at the same time.

Please put the dates in the diaries, we look forward to welcoming you from which ever area or country you come from, members and non-members are all welcome, the Rally event is free and a discount price for entry to the Hop Farm will be advised in the next flyer in the September STHT.

This thread will be updated at regular intervals so please check regularly for updates.


Sarah (Mazda Chick) and Martyn (Navman)

 Will be there Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

 Hello you count Sam and I in for this one two. Can some tell me if their is a hotel near by that allows a mad dog!!! if not I will google and find one myself have funDog.

Ps two day’s before my birthday what a weekend that will be great!!!Big Smile

All the best Terry

 Too far for me  next year.

 Hi Pollyanna

Sorry to hear that, we travelled to Ireland this year and although miles of driving it was worth it we thought it would be too far but decided to go and so maybe you will change your mind you have a year to think about it.

Hope you will come along


Sarah (Mazda Chick)


 Hi Terry and Sam of course

Well we have camping facilities onsite organised, and Hotels not sure at this stage if hotels take dogs, but when you receive the STHT this month you can give them a call, this way you have a years advance notice.

We will all sing Happy Birthday to you, We hope you will enjoy the fun, still organising events etc but all will be revealed in the next few months. We are hoping to have lots of traders and surprise events in store for everyone.

All the Best

Sarah (Mazda Chick)


 Hi Sarah

Many thanks if their is camping on site, thats great Sam and I did camping in France last year so please can you count us in for the fun two.


All the best

Terry and Sam (the boss)Dog 

 This Place ???




If it is, put me down for aqua zorbing !!!



Hi Sarah,

               Nicola and myself will be there, i’m sure there will be a good turn out  from North Thames, it will make a change to have it on our door step !! well almost.


              Les & Nicola.

 Hi Sarah Sorry to be a pain, but I have just seen the details of the park. it says that dog are allowed on  the camp site but not in the park itself. can you confim this for me, because if Sam is not allowed I will have to pull out.

Thanks Sarah



Hi Sarah, can you put me(alan) and Jane down for camping if we can bring our caravan and hopefully have an electric hook up, (not essential). We are about 45 mins from Paddock Wood so if anybody else needs anything fetching , just ask. May need to borrow a big barby too???

 Hi Folks

Regarding Camping, the details and booking details will be in the STHT this month, if you need electric hook up just let them know your details when you book. Good idea about a Barby.

Regarding dogs, Campsite will accept dogs, however I believe the Hop Farm does not allow into their park, however we are in a seperate field for the rally and so providing you have a good lead I cannot see this as a problem, the only problem would be if you wish to enter the park to look at the exhibits etc however if you find someone nice to look after Sam for an hour or two to have a look round I am sure if you need this help I would look after Sam for a while for you I absolutely love dogs and miss my Sally (passed away Dec 2009) so always happy to help,  but the rally itself will be open to all.  I wouldn’t want you to miss out Terry . I will get clarification on this issue for you and will advise as soon as I can.

Thanks everyone and look forward to seeing you all.


Sarah (Mazda Chick)


 Hi Sarah

Many thanks that would be gret and I am sure that their will be lots of friends who would love to look after Sam for an hour. but I will just as happy to stay in the field area with Sam and all the rest of the gang. but please don’t put yourself out on my account, but we would love to come.

All the best Terry and Sam

 hi count us in karen and dave

 We would love to look after Sam for an hour or two as well - he is a wonderful dog - infact Andy liked him so much last time we saw him that you might have trouble getting him back!!!

 Can I point out that Sam is not for saile but I am!!!

I see I will have to put a tracker device on him!!!

But can I say thanks to people wanting to look after him for a little while.

plus anyone going to the RNLI day on the 31st July at Lyme Regis, Sam and I am going see you there.

Have fun one and all Sam and Terry Dog


I’m really pleased that you guys in the South East are running the Spring rally. Anna & myself will be coming along and we look forward to more details, about the event, over the coming months

Peter & Anna (West London)

Met Sam at Belvoir the other year. Think he should be listed in the attractions guide. Certain to improve the attendance numbers. So many marketing opportunities. How about MX5K9 T-shirts?

P.S. Hi Terry

 Hi Roadie

Thats a great idea a T shirt with Sam on it would be great!!! if anyone has any ideas what more I can do send a message. Sam did do Ok at the RNLI day making 55.49p for the Lifeboats. And if anyone wants Sam to raise money for their charities we will only be to glad to come along. I may put a bucket for charity on the car at Chatsworth if the club dosent mind!!!. I will send that to the RNLI.

Ps if anyone wants to take Sam for a walk at Chatsworth feel free.

All the best Terry and SammyyyyyDog