Spring Rally - your questions.

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The next edition of Soft Top Hardtop will have all the information about the Rally.

The team are working hard to get everything together for you and are really looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s Spring Rally.


Just wondered if i could get some clarity on this from the FAQ thread.

I am not a member and in an MX-5 where will I park? Priority is given to all MX-5s, non member and other vehicle owners will be parked in adjacent parking”

Even though i am a non member who plans on attending on the day in my Mk1 Eunos, I will be parked with all the other 5’s?


At this venue all MX-5 will be parked in front of the house, however we have not finalised the entrance mechanism yet, a site visit to check this will happen in a few weeks.
I can’t yet tell you if you will be with other 5s or in another non member 5 area.

Club Members have priority at all our events and if you are hoping to park with friends who are Club members, I can only currently advise signing up.

We have had a couple of questions posted as threads - please could I ask to keep the questions in here so that we can get you a quick response.

Dinner tickets

If you have a table requirement please drop me an email large groups of 10 can be seated together, if you have less than ten I cannot reserve a table

Dinner Menu

The menu and tickets are available through the Club store

Can someone please confirm that just attending for the day no ticket is required. Do we only need to show our club membership card to get in? Thanks.

You will need your membership cards to get in and get your rally plaque.

Probably a daft question… but I’m new to this, do we just rock up and go straight in, no preparation or tickets or what not required? 

rally FAQ post it say…

How much are tickets? The event is free to MX-5 Owners Club members, Members will require to hold their membership card on arrival please see Soft Top Hardtop for details - if you have one of the new barcode cards we will be conducting a trail scan at the Club tents.  Non-Members tickets are available on the day at the gate -  Prices Adult £5.00 under 16 free. (Your Entry fee will be discounted from membership sign up on the day)  


How do we get a club stand for NW area Iain?

Not a plan for Area stands at the Spring at the moment, but have a team meeting coming up to look at all the programme for the day.

I have someone who may be interested in a trade stand at the rally. Who would he contact?

Contact Mister H, search for him on ths forum.


Local trader requests need to be directed to the Areas Coordinator Burton.

Or what he said…

Is/when/if.  is there a List of traders who will be turning up? 


It’s being worked on, we have a great response so far, others are in the process of confirming at the moment and I am trying to get a list in to the next edition of the Magazine in a couple weeks time and will update in this forum soon.


This is part Rally related but apologies if I should also be asking elsewhere on the forum. Will there be new club merchandise available at the Rally? I ask because looking at the online store the cupboards look a bit bare, if you know what I mean. There doesn’t seem to be much on offer and no ability to order clothing with custom area details added. I’m not having a moan about what is available, just observing that there seems to be less than there was.


I am a member and my husbands name also appears on my membership card.

My husband recently purchased his own mx5 so wondered if our one membership card will cover us both if we follow each other into the event.





For this event you will need the membership card when you get to the gate after you have parked.

All MX-5s will be parked together on arrival.