Standard black wheels

I have a 2007 Mk3 with the standard 5 spoke wheels which need to be refurbished. I am going to keep them standard and fit new tyres to them.

The question is do i get them refurbed the same colour or get them done in black. I dont think i have ever seen the standards wheels in black.

Does anyone have a pick of the standard wheels on their car in black please.

I think @ChrisMK3 has almost black wheels like you are thinking from his pic

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Mine are dark anthracite… Really sets them off:

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Depends on the colour of the car.

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Awesome, same colour car as I have, this is mint, I am so glad I asked this question.

Cheers ChrisMK3, they look mint and exactly what I will do. Anthracite it is.

May I ask, did you buy new bolts and how did you do the centres please?

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Glad to be of service!

I bought new bolts, these ones:

As for the center caps, I had them colour coded to the same colour as the wheels. The wheels were powder coated but the caps had to be spray painted for obvious reasons however the colour match is exceptional. For the emblems, the chrome on mine was in really good condition, so when you take the wheels off you can pop out the center caps, at which point the Mazda emblem in the middle is held in with 4 push fit tabs… Very carefully push them and the whole badge will separate from the center cap.

After that, take the wheels and caps to your place of choice, choose your colour and you should be good go. There may be an extra charge for the center caps as they can’t be painted at the same time as the wheels (plastic), but whoever does the work should be able to sort that out.

Keep the emblems and give them a really good clean up, I find methylated spirit is really good for this. If the chrome is shot, you can buy chrome spray paint which does a pretty good job in my experience, or silver if you prefer.

Then just refit them to the caps when you get the wheels back and you’re good to go!

While the wheels are off, if you’re able to, give the calipers a fresh coat of E-Tech red caliper paint (have a look on ebay) - it’ll look a million dollars/quids :wink:

Also if you fancy tarting up your interior a bit, see my other thread… :slight_smile:

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