Sunday 18 September Billing Aquadrome - chat thread -

2011 National Rally

Northampton Area invite you to join them at Silverstone, the home of British Motorsport and Billing Aquadrome, the venue for the first ever MX5OC Rally in 1994 for a "Back to our Roots" National Rally 17-18th September 2011.


Can’t wait

 Overnight accommadition all booked! WavingLooking forward to my first “National”.  Hope to see some fellow “Merlots” there Salute as well.

Regards Julian

Hi Folks

Myself and Sharon Down all booked up for the Marriott Hotel on the Saturday 17th September looking forward to this event will be sending our booking for the Evening meal and entertainment


Sarah (Mazda Chick) 

Can someone advise why events like this are organised on the same weekend as Goodwood Revival, one of the biggest classic car events in the country on the same weekend every year?

I appreciate there is probably something on every weekend of the year if you look hard enough, but clashing with an event as big and well attended as Goodwood seems a bit short sighted.


Our very first Rally! All booked up and rearing to go…



It wasn’t done on purpose; dates for these events are set a year or so in advance and have to incorporate the needs of many (including those giving up a huge amount of time, energy and resources to plan and execute them). As such, and remembering that our restricted summers mean that we have to squeeze events into an even shorter calendar, there is always likely to be some confliction.

Could I possibly suggest that the Festival of Speed still has tickets available (I know the Revival is the better event for classic-car lovers but the FoS is still a great event) and that will free you up - even if only for this year - for what promises to be a cracking Club weekend with track action and runs at/from Silverstone on the Saturday, then a full days activities on the Sunday?

 Will be my first national as well. Accomodation sorted so should be good.


Undoerstood, unfortunately we have to be at Revival as we have committed to providing vehicles for them. Looks like we’ll be at the FOS as well this year - hopefully see you there to get some more of the MX5OC feeling.

In our world there’s only 3 or 4 weekends that are “no go” in terms of conflict with other events - Goodwood FOS and Revival, Silverstone Classic & the NEC Classic Motor Show in November. Any other weekend is fair game, because all the other events are small enough that they won’t significantly affect numbers, but conflict with the above and it can mean less people attending and having to make difficult decisions about loyalty to clubs vs “national” events in the classic car scene.

I guess I am probably a bit sensitive about it because we also have a weekend on the May Bank Holiday that means the Spring Rally isn’t an option for us personally either :frowning: I should be grateful that there are so many great events going on across the country instead of whinging because I have to choose between two events on one weekend - many other activities struggle to get this kind of thing happening once a month, looking at the calendar there’s something almost every weekend from Easter to October, which can only be a good thing for clubs, motoring and ongoing health of what we do.


I think you summed it up nicely Jack, we are very lucky to have so much going on!

As someone fairly heavily involved with the Club whilst holding down various other commitments elsewhere too, I know exactly what you mean!

Are you on a stand at the FoS? I’ll pop over and say hello Big Smile

Hi Jon,

No stand, but we might have a car there. Ping me a PM with your number and we can catch up for a coffee - I owe you one for a really fun day at Silverstone a few weeks ago.


Has the club reserved some pitches at Billing or is it best to book independently? I’m planning to make a weekend of it - probably camping.

 HELPBig Smile

Can some one tell me if Sam is allowed to come to the eventDog I have tried phoning and I have emailed Billing Aquadrome and as yet no response. I don’t want to book a hotel if Sam is not allowed to come. And he loves the events.Big Smile

All the best Sam woof woofDog 

Hi Terry,

Billing Aquadrome does allow dogs, however since there are so many ducks in the park, they request that dogs are kept on leads at all times.

Hotel-wise, the following accept dogs provided they are booked in at the time of making a reservation, are never left alone in rooms and are accompanied by owners at all times:-

Hilton at Collingtree (01604 768700), Campanile at Grange Park (01604 662599) and Holiday Inn Express at Grange Park (01604 432800)

Looking forward to seeing you both in September,


 Hi Ken

Many thanks thats greatBig Smile we will be attending then all the best.

Tez and SamDog

damn it the 18th of sep is my lil girls birthday so im heading to scunny lol


 does anyone know if non-members can attend, with an MX5 of course!

 Of course you can, Debs and if you are driving an MX5 you get in for free Smile

You will also have the opportunity to discuss the benefits of membership and sign up on the day as well Big SmileThumbs up

Ken Stanbury.  Northampton Area Co-ordinator

 I am already a member but have some friends who just got an MX5 would like to come with us!