The Devils work

I’m no mechanic, but I’ve just spent 2 hours skinning my knuckles and swearing, doing a job that should, by law be a quick five minute job under the bonnet, I’m talking about replacing the dip headlight bulbs on a MK3, whoever designed the front of this car and lack of access to the bulbs, is the spawn of Satan.

You’re not wrong, it is very difficult now in a lot of cars to access bulbs, mostly in the interest of design I think.

Never had to try to replace one I don’t think I want to either. :wink:

It’s almost easier to take the wheel off and go in via the splash guard.

Or sort the problem for good and buy a 2.5. :wink:

:smile: :smile:

I found ether side is possible through the lower splash guard, leaving the wheel on. Just a bit more awkward with less visibility but saves jacking up the car.

I did try that at first, but found it very awkward, and only had a few plasters left, although I don’t plan on doing it again if I can help it :neutral_face: :wink: but the Philips White vision bulbs look a bit brighter :grinning:

“The Devils Work” that’s what I call the clothes horses that start appearing around my house at this time of year. They have a habit of attacking me and discharging the clothes all over the place :joy: “You want dry clothes don’t you” is the reply on record from HWMBO! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know exactly what you mean, :wink: my wife also uses the small ones that hook over the radiators, so when you go to close the curtains you bang against them, and its socks , pants and Alan Wickers all over the floor , and I never put them back in the right order.
I think its a bloke thing, a bit like trying to figure out a Dyson vacuum for the first time :grin:

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Oh, you know that even if you’ve replaced them exactly as you thought they were you will still be rumbled :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Until I got married I never even knew there was a right way off putting the milk bottle in the fridge!!


I’m with you on the clothes horse. We have a huge beast of a thing that simply has to go in my den, not the lounge, as I have the patio doors!? It’s already made an appearance. I do my best to minimise washing but the phrase “how long have you had that shirt on” echoes around. Can’t win!

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Clothes horses are now so flimsey they just cant cope with the huge motherload my wife puts on them, so if I try to walk it out of my way , either the whole thing collapses, or part collapses, with clothes on coat hangers dropping on the floor, at which time I take the dog for another walk :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

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You need to tell us which method you used as there are a number of approaches from doing nothing, moving the washer reservoir and fuse box, removing the wheel arch splash shields to removing the whole of the front bumper. Depending on the size of hands available it may be easier to bite the bullet and remove the bumper to change all the bulbs at once and clean up the front end metalwork. There are a number of u tube videos detailing the different methods and it’s well worth looking at them before you start, if only to see how to release the retaining clips on the bulb holders.

I first tried going up through the wheel arch ,with the wheel on and turned full lock, and undone the liner clips but I just couldn’t see what I was doing, and couldn’t get my gnarly old hands into the right position, so I eventually gave up and jacked the car up and took the wheel off, ( passenger side).
on the drivers side, I undid the reservoir and after much fiddling around and swearing got the bulb replaced and then couldn’t locate the clip by feel, , my glasses kept falling off and the torch kept facing the wrong way, what a palarva, but got it done, and I just hope they dont blow for long time :face_with_monocle: :grin:

Did you not pull the black lever to remove the complete head light, change the bulb and clip it back into place?

Black lever? I didn’t know about that one, on the YouTube video the guy says you need to remove the wheels , and someone else suggested trying it with the wheel on , but turned full lock, and then remove wheel arch liners, which would work for some , but I couldn’t do it.
My owners handbook says " take it to a main dealer to get dip bulbs replaced" !.
Where is this lever? in case a bulb blows In the future .
I can’t believe car designers, get away with doing stuff like this.

I was only joking… I have never looked for a black lever :innocent:

Well you had me there, what I know about mechanics isn’t worth knowing, and I was wondering why no one else had mentioned it, Doh! :face_with_monocle: :smile: