The New Guy BRG

Hi everybody,

I’m New here, I own a '91 limited edition BRG with the BBR Turbo conversion (Number 166 of 250). Great to be a part of the Squad



Hi Waxy and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Your BRG NA looks very nice and I’m sure will be appreciated by many on the OC…! :slight_smile:


Here is a picture I took today if anybody is interested in seeing the interior / luggage rack, top down and different wheels on just to preserve the original OZ limited edition wheels.



What a beauty. Welcome,from South Wales

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More pics the better…! :slight_smile:

Welcome Niall from the Solent region…
Nice looking Mk1 you have enjoy,

Lovely, welcome from West Wales :wave:

Welcome aboard, looks very neat. :+1:

Welcome to the club and a really nice car yo have there. The colour scheme is really a classic and if you have a turbo too - fantastic! Looks in great condition - hope that the sills are ok, but looks well cared for. Must have been a reasonable investment for a good car like that. Enjoy th ehood down driving and hopefully you can meet up with more members for a chat soon!

Welcome, really nice looking car.

Very nice indeed.
Wise move re alloys!
150bhp or around?

Yeah there or there abouts, I’m wanting to do my engine gaskets and valve stem seals then I’d like to get a dyno so will hopefully have an actual figure in the not too distant future.

Here’s a couple pictures from this morning, after I’ve put on a front splitter and now about to clean the engine bay, let’s yous see the kind of set up for the Turbo. If anybody had any information by the way on generally how BBR do their turbos i.e is it genuinely totally intercooler-less, is that doable because boost pressure is kept low so the charge air wouldn’t need cooled? Also does anybody know if they would have done anything with the stock ecu to run the turbo?

Also, sorry I never said in the previous posts, I’m in Central / Highland Scotland.

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British Brodie Racing are very much still in business and do a lot of 5 tuning & power upgrades so I’d look them up.

As for your stems etc…is the thing suffering blue smoke or HG leaks?

Forth Valley ( Falkirk) myself incidentally.
BRG’s…just a bit special eh?

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Yeah I have emailed them a couple times but haven’t gotten a reply yet, will maybe just give them a phone. All the work was done only 4k miles ago, but that was also I’m 2011 so…

Yeah I’ve a little bit of an issue with a tiny bit of blue smoke, more obviouse on start up when it’s cold. I’ve heard the 4th piston heats up a fair amount and the stem seals can go and cause this so that’s kind of what I’m going on.

That is a gorgeous example! I afore the tan roof, mine obviously got a new roof at some point and they’ve changed it too green which is nice but not nearly as nice as the tan, will probably switch back to the Tan in the future.

Aww brg neighbours!

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FWIW I wanted a Forest Green soft top as the one you see it totally goosed probably around 20 years old plus. However, the price of a new green mohair was eye watering Meantime some poor guy down south had just fitted a brand new Prestige Tan…which was never exposed…then the car was totalled so I got it extremely cheap complete with frame & clamps. I’ll be scooting down to Andrew at Autolink in Dumfries for fitting.

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Welcome to the club.
That surely is a great looking car.

Your car is lovely. I’m wondering if you have a genuine BBR?

Emailing BBR. They can be a bit slow to reply. They replaced my ECU a couple of years ago to their latest recommendation. I had to take it back twice as it’s really hard to start when hot. Sadly after 2 attempts they didn’t get it right and as I didn’t want to go all the way there again I just put up with it. The dyno reading they did was 149 bhp. The car has 132,000 miles.

Aww really? It has got all the paperwork to go with? It wasn’t BBR from the factory. All the work done, was completed in 2011? I’ll get a picture of the receipts and maybe can see if it is compatible to what you know yourself?

I did not want to say…but…the BBR cam-cover bling bits are missing.
But does it really matter much if it works as a latter day copy?

A genuine BBR had the intercooler [left of the fan] and special housings [where the bbrgti logo is]. You will also notice a shroud covering the actual turbo. I don’t think your turbo is a BBR conversion.
I was never very impressed with BBR’s intercooler position. I feel that it should be in front of the radiator. I’m sure it would do a better job. In very hot weather and giving the car some welly I feel it could do with colder denser air coming in. I’d like to re-route it but want to keep the car as it came from BBR. I’m sure that the poor intercooler position was to keep the costs down. I have a receipt from BBR when my car was originally converted around 1992. I’m sure it was around £1500, but could be wrong on that. I have 2 BBR’s, my other one is modded and gives around 204bhp and is visually the same as shown above.
Search out your invoices when you get a moment, I’d be interested to see if there is a manufacturer mentioned.
You car looks lovely. They’re fantastic fun.