The Tutbury Castle Sunday Run 10th September 2023

Hi Everyone

TUTBURY CASTLE Meet up arrangements

Can we please meet up at 9:30 am, at Denby Pottery Bournes, Cafe’ and Bistro, Denby Pottery Village, Derby DE5 8NX.
There is a good selection of breakfasts, snacks, tea and coffee etc if you wish to arrive early enough. The shops and garden centre at the Pottery Village open at 10:00am should you want to browse around.
We will depart at 10:30am for the first leg of our drive. As we have a destination arrival time of 2pm prompt at the Castle. The days programme is time critical and we ask everyone to be ready to depart at the designated times of our run please.
Lesley Smith has given permission for us to park directly in front of the Castle for a photo shoot upon our arrival on the understanding we move our cars to the main car park by 2:30pm.
We hope you enjoy the day.
Angie and Chris

UPDATE AS OF 18/08/2023

Thank you for all your balance payments.
I (Angie) will be submitting the final payment on Monday.
Could anyone who has any dietary requirements please contact me to enable the catering team to be informed.
Additionally the Great Hall has steep steps and the Castle staff aim to please all guests who may require extra assistance.
Details of the morning meeting point for the drive to the Castle will be advised shortly.
Thank you.
Ann Mortiboys
(On behalf of Angie Aldread).

Angie and Chris have very kindly offered to host the September 2023 Sunday Run.

Yes, we know it is very early to post this, but as it is something very special which has to be booked with the venue well in advance and they request a £100.00 deposit (which works out at £5.00) for the minimum of 20 guests, firstly we need to gage interest and secondly need to pay the deposit by 20th February.

This will start with a traditional Sunday Run finishing at Tutbury Castle by approximately 2pm. Lesly Smith the Curator of Tutbury Castle will be presenting “An Audience with Queen Elizabeth 1”. For anyone who has not heard of her, she is an Historian that dresses up as well known historical characters and gives you a talk about their lives, as if she is that person. (Having seen her as Nell Gwynn I can certainly agree she is very good). You also have a chance to ask her questions at the end. This will last for approximately 45 mins to an hour. In the Great Hall at Tutbury Castle.

Just for clarity please be aware, in the first instance this is for North East Midlands Members first and if we do not fill the maximum 34 places, we can invite those members from other areas if anyone is interested.
This will be followed by afternoon tea at 3:45pm. More details of the actual run will be posted nearer the time.

Please add your names to the thread if you would like to join Angie and Chris.

Kind Regards
David and Ann on behalf of Angie and Chris

Hi Angie and Chris.
Please include me on this event. Sounds very interesting.


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Hi Angie and Chris

Please add us to your list.

Many thanks

Dave and Cath

Hi Angie and Chris

Please can you put Karen and Dave down for this run. [it has Karens name written all over it}

Thanks Dave


Please include John and Jan for this event.

Jan x

Could you put Jon and Anna down for this please


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Hi Angie & Chris

Please add us to your event

Don & Kate

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Hi Angie & Chris

Please add us to the list
Graeme & Christine

Hi Angie & Chris,
Please include us for this event.
Kind regards,
Anthony and Carol.


We would love to join you


John and Michele

please add Dave and Julie to the list
many thanks

Hello Angie & Chris.

Please add Paul & Jayne Grogan to the list. Thanks. (Deposit paid at the meeting tonight.:+1:)

Thank you to those who paid their deposit on Thursday.

Currently we have the following on the list.

Angie and Chris
Dave and Cath
Karen and Dave
John and Jan
John and Anna
Don and Kate
Graeme and Christine
Anthony and Carol
John and Michele
Jayne and Paul
James and Dorian
Ray and Glennis
Ted and Janet
Anita and David
Nigel and Janet

There are currently 3 places remaining.

Angie & Chris.

Ray and Glennis would like to join you


Ted and Janet would like to join you

I’ve added you to the list. Sorry for late reply, been a bit manic


Thanks. Looking forward to it.

Hi Angie and Chris

Are we still in time to book our places, if so let us have your details and we will transfer the deposit.


Anita and David

hi Anita and David. I’ve added you to the list. Glad you can make it.


Thanks Angie

Can you let us have your bank details and we will transfer the deposit.

Anita and David