Undersealing at MX5 City in 2020

I’ve finally decided I love my baby enough to treat her to the full waxoyl underseal treatment.

She’s going to to MX5 City in a couple of weeks for this. I’ve had many things done at MX5 City before (mechanical work), but obviously an underseal treatment is one of those things that can be done very wrong indeed.

Has anyone used them for this and can provide any feedback?

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Used MX5 City about 5 years ago to Waxoyl my Mk3. They did a good job of the visible underside and it still looks good. However when I recently came to fit DRL/fog lights I discovered that there was no Waxoyl behind the wheel arch liners, only bare grey primer. Now booked in with JR Clasics to get all wheel arch liners and under trays removed to get the areas treated that MX5 City missed.

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Ooooof, that’s not a good shout at all, far from it. It makes one think twice about using their services down the line.
I hope to report back with photos of a trip my mk3 is taking in a months time to Penrhyn Service Station for the all over (or should I say all under) protective treatment

I had my MK2 done by them a couple of years ago when they did the chassis legs, I had cleaned the surface rust off and did the rear of the car but left the rest because of the chassis leg job, I thought it was a very thorough job as when I removed the tread plates on top of the sills you could see where they had removed them and sprayed inside the sills, so they did mine okay.

They removed the cill cover plates on my car and injected Waxoyl that’s why I was so surprised when I discovered they hadn’t done inside the wheel arches.

The good thing is there doesn’t appear to be any signs of corrosion inside the front wings. Not had a chance to check inside the rear arch liners yet.

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Just had my mk3.5 done there on Friday. Asked if they had removed all the arches and sills was told yes not had chance to look yet. But the whole car smells like cherry blossom shoe blacking now


[quote] The ‘Waxoyl’ treatment involves firstly cleaning the underside of the car, removing all loose rust, mud, etc. We remove the plastic wheel-arch linings, various interior trims, rubber and plastic grommets/bungs, etc. in order to gain proper access to the internal areas. The ‘Waxoyl’ is then carefully heated to ensure a smooth flow into all the corners, and applied to the entire underside, including the inner wings, sills, floor-pan, suspension components, sub-frames, etc. All box-sections and cavities, front chassis rails, etc. are also injected. Correct application is essential to ensure total coverage. A special 360 degree probe is used for internal areas and coverage is checked using a miniature CCTV camera (endoscope). Finally the car is re-assembled and thoroughly washed to remove any wax residue from the exterior paintwork.

The work takes approximately 5 hours to complete.[/quote]

So MX5City’s garage rate is about £50 a hour.

Well I’ve quizzed them about it today a d they’ve told me it goes literally everywhere…

They pull out the arch liners, take off the side skirts to get behind them, the whole lot…

@PR-Yorkshire on account of it being 5 years ago it could have been anything from a poor technician doing a bad job, to them maybe going about it slightly differently nowadays and being more thorough… But I agree, I’d have taken them to task on it.

This is why I’ve made a point of asking them about the whole process, so that if anything is amiss at a later date they can’t turn around and say ‘that’s not part of the job’.

@Jamesy1 please could you report back when you’ve had chance to have a closer look?? Some pictures would be great too :grin::grin:

Booked my pride and joy into them in March this year, for what I thought was pretty basic repairs, Fit full Ss exhaust inc Decat manifold, Full service, mot and a couple of other little bits.
what a nightmare,
I know a lot of members on here give praise and have positive things to say about MX5 city and that was part of why I took it across to them, but my experience wasn’t good, and Only tonight after I was removing front lower cross member I am still coming across shoddy work done by them.
Exhaust sensor Wire extension flapping about right under sump Worn through and Up against down pipe, ( new one on order) found a couple dropped manifold bolts though!
Bolts all over where they’d been ‘working’ we’re loose or missing,
brand new il motorsport exhaust put together without gaskets just putty!
heat shields missing,
wheel nuts on both fronts loose.
I paid £55 per hour!
I Paid them £80 plus vat to track it, soon as I got out of the yard the steering wheel was set at 2 o’clock!
I had to chase them numerous times after the specified pick up day to ask when it would be ready, not once in the nearly 3 weeks it was stuck there did they phone me with an update.
First thing he said when I eventually got to pick it up was” how you paying?”
Did I take it back?
No, Never again
Sorry for all that ranting but it’s obviously been festering.


You’ve no need to apologize for what you call ranting.
If you’re not happy, you’re not happy.
It helps others form a picture for others of the company in question.

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Not wanting to pile on and I know nothing of their wax treatment but I will advise that you get a firm quote and don’t rely on website pricing.
Both times I used them the bill was much higher than the guide price on the website or their original quote. :pensive:

Now had a chance to look under rear arches and that is all Waxoyled fine so it looks like they only missed the front wheel arches and also the front chassis legs under the front undertray. Other than that they did a good job and still looking fine. I would recommend just checking the wheel arches when you get the car back.

You’re all a load of softies.

It’s the easiest job in the world to get in there, underneath, clean things up, get the
various spashguards off, and apply Waxoyl.


I am thinking of having my baby protected.
Are you suggesting I should be doing it myself?

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It’s not that it’s a particularly difficult job for me…

But trying to get under the car with enough access to do a proper job is another issue entirely… More so because you need proper tools to inject it into the box sections etc.

Its not expensive enough to be worth the hassle for me

I agree with you that it’s not that pricey, but I thought trufflehunt was suggesting a diy job was possible, and it would save any worry about the job not being well done. I guess the tools would be an issue, especially as I cannot find any garage bay to rent near me…

Same here… Nearest place I’ve found for rent-a-ramp is Bridlington… Some 70 miles away

Yes, it’s getting the car high enough to do a proper job. Wheel arches aren’t bad, done those on the driveway and the rear end.
I need to get the front end done now, I don’t relish the idea of getting under the car again, the old bones just lately are giving up on me.:frowning:

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I had mine done this time last year and have had problems with various leaks ever since.

The guy that was meant to be doing it was late for work so I can only assume it was rushed. Within days, the car was badly misting up to the extent I had to wipe the inside of the windscreen with a couple of sheets of kitchen roll before the delisted could finish off. I solved that problem by a gentle hit with the pressure washer down the drains so assume they managed to gunk up one of the flaps. Happily that’s now gone away.

Now I’ve got this minor water ingress into the boot that may or may not originate from the underseal but seems strange that it was watertight before.

To add insult to injury, while it was on the ramp for the MOT there was plenty of evidence of light rust on the suspension bars etc. and I know they didn’t remove the side mouldings as “it wasn’t worth breaking the clips and they know how to get full coverage”.

It’s a shame as I heard they’re really good at paint but I think I’ll stay away.

And this is from MX5 City ???