Website problem

Just wanted to say that as a new member I find negotiating around your website almost impossible, nothing seems to be straight forward, so sadly I have given up.

Hi, I have sent you a personal message.

I feel your pain… I’m a member of a lot of forums and this is by far the worst, the previous one was far better.

Hi. Managed to “find” your message, thanks, but is this the actual message or a message telling me that you have sent one? Getting very complicated.

Thanks. Good to know I’m not alone.

It is a message on here that is in your ‘thread’ that everyone can see advising you that I have sent you a private message that no one but you can see.
The standard abbreviation is YHM (You Have Mail) and is a reminder to look at your personal ‘roundel’ which is always top right. If you click on it you should see an abbreviated list of all your messages. An additional menu gives you the option to delve deeper.

Appreciate you trying to help, not sure if I’ve found what I’m supposed to “see” or not? just think the whole site could be made a lot easier and user friendly.

Hi MC666,

Stick with it and you’ll start to see the benefits and feel free to ask questions and we’ll help you. A great starting point is the article linked below.

I appreciate the work that goes in to building a forum but I think not having the Forum link in the top banner is a missed opportunity. It means you have to go in to Home to get back to the Forum if you navigate away from it.

Discourse is a good tool, but at the moment everything on the new website seems a bit cluttered and confusing. I can see why MC666 is struggling in all honesty (and I work in IT!)

Happy to offer up help in trying to iron out some of the user interface design niggles, although I am not a Discourse expert in any way and am more used to IT Transformation Delivery!

Hi G, I am probably misunderstanding but there is a ‘Forum’ link on all club pages except the Club Store which appears to be another site.
The blue MX-5OC logo in the top left of all forum pages takes you back to the home screen for the forum which helps to ease navigation. You can always quickly and easily get back to the ‘Start’.

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Thanks Malc. I hadn’t realised that logo took you back to the Forum home page until now.

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I maintain it would be much easier for people having issues if:
a) It was more obvious that the MX-5 Owners Club logo was the forum ‘Home’.
b) That the forum ‘Home’ pointed to the forum structure/latest posts overview known as ‘Categories’ -

It works well as a forum, it’s a great platform. Most people can work it out, but those two changes (plus the Forum link at the top mentioned by Germy) would make it so much more intuitive for people.

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14 years ago I went to the AC meeting in Kegworth. Back then the whole OC seemed to find the whole concept of email and forums scary and confusing places. That this thread exists is testimony that pushing some buttons, seeing what happens and sticking with it works, even if it confusing to start with.

Don’t know about anybody else but every couple of days I find I can’t access the forum. I have to log out completely and delete the cache listings for the forum and website. PITA. Don’t have this problem with any other websites or forums. Using Windows 10 64 bit and Firefox 74.0 (all updates done).

For me loading and displays the exact same page, what do you see?

It is also worth noting that as soon as you start scrolling the links at the top disappear leaving only the logo, search, burger menu and user roundel so I am not sure how much help that would be unless everyone always scrolls back up for navigation?

The forum structure down the left and the new posts down the right. Isn’t this hat everyone sees?

I think I misunderstood point b

Not seen that one, not a Firefox user though so don’t know if that has any bearing…

I am a Firefox user and haven’t encountered that behaviour

In what way? :slight_smile:

When I click on the MX-5 Owners Club icon I just get the New Posts list, which is great but if I want to find the Eastern-related posts say, where do I go?

‘Categories’ of course!? Point b) as that I think clicking on the MX-5 Owners Club icon should take you to what I see when I click on Categories (shown above).

Do you not see that page? :slight_smile: