Website security warning

I’m getting a security warning from my browsers when I try to connect to the site




The site certificate has expired

That’s what Firefox says when I tried to access the OC site.

I’ve made an exception, in other words ignored it.


Yep - I’ve had that message too.

On my browser there is a way to ignore the message and still access the site (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this !), but I hope they get it sorted soon, as it sends a bad message to new prospective members.

And me, just ignored it

I’m getting it too on my mac with Chrome. Can bypass, but the site doesn’t look right now

It looks like you need to apply an https certificate to be compliant. I have one on my website

I had this too. Also got it on another site last night. Both sites are trusted sites that i use a lot.

Frankly, advertising the fact is a bit like posting on FB “I live at 12 Smith street in Cricklewood, and I’ve just realised I didn’t lock the front door this morning.” - Would you really do that?

Always better - and safer, to PM someone in authority, no-one better than the Chairman (Martin Curtis in this case) Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away either. All your personal data is at risk!

Complete nonsense - and not even a decent quality rant.

Anyone visiting the site will see the certificate error before they can see the thread that advised there is a certificate error. 


What risks to your data held by the OC do you think an expired certificate actually brings? Genuinely interested to have your insight.

anyway, as it usually the case with OC IT issues we that can know about them pretty much immediately and take action to fix them immediately as well. Or as fast as we can, as things can take a while whilst the source of the issue is traced.  

Thanks for your patience. 

I had it too.  It happens frequently, even to well run sites (as we now know) but the effects and consequences far outweigh the inconvenience to members.  My knowledge of things computerish is zero.  It had me scurrying about trying to find something in something called Settings, then something to do with something called Browser, then something to do with heaven knows whaterish. Terrified to mess the whole thing up beyond recall finally I gave up and wrote some letters.  Anybody looking to join a club would be lost by now.  I bet nobody holds their hands up and says “Oi! My fault,  I forgot to throw the switch”.  We are all human, but jeez, it’s once a year presumably and must be on the office calendar surely. Or isn’t t it? Is it the same thing as a fishing licence? 

Looks like all’s well again, fixed.

Got worried there for a minute ???

Running to forums/websites of my own, I can advise that you don’t get any warning it’s about to expire. I haven’t got the date noted down that mine are due (did replace them both recently though) but agree it would probably be a good idea to set a calendar reminder for it. Only trouble is, I don’t use my laptop very often so would probably miss the alert. Might be the same for whoever deals with the IT side of things here?


Regarding “flicking the switch” though,it’s not quite as simple as that unfortunately. You have to buy a new license which you then need to set up. Once set up (which can be  a bit of a faff tbh!), it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for the change to propagate. So unless you’re uber efficient and don’t have other things taking importance over the sites, you’ll probably have the error at some point. Agree it doesn’t bode well for either new visitors/current members who don’t know about such things and may get scared off the site because of the security warning.




Seem to recall that when the whole of the O2 network went down for around 24 hours recently it was an expired certificate that caused it.

If it can happen to a huge organisation like that I think the volunteers that run the club website can be excused.

Totally agree mate. I’ve never been slated on either of my sites when the security cert issue arises, so staff here shouldn’t be either. It’s just one of those things, and it was resolved pretty quickly so alls good.