Wednesday Pub Night - November 13th

ON THE WEBSITE, ON THE TOP OF THE MENU, THERE IS A VOUCHER OFFER FOR 40% OFF MAIN MEALS (1 voucher per transaction and restrictions apply)
Anna and Andrew would like you to add your meal choices to the thread by 11am Wednesday 13th November (If you have not already done so), The Copt Oak have rang and asked for meal choices.
The web address is :  to see the Menu

An initial booking for 20 people has been made for our Wednesday Pub Night as above. Further numbers can be taken but unfortunately, the new pub management cannot guarantee more seating to be in the same vicinity but will try their utmost to accommodate. Due to this, we would like to give final numbers in advance and ask members to reply to this post by Sunday 10th, November.
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Best wishes
Anna and Andrew

November 13th Pub Meet - Copt Oak

To confirm, the tables are booked for 7.30.

Cheers, Anna and Andrew

Hi Anna and Andrew 

Please add Cath and David to your list. 

Many thanks 




Please add John and Jan to the list for Copt Oak.



Jan x

Hi Anna and Andrew
Please add Phil and Josie to the list for
Copy oak
Thanks our choice for food is sweet cured gammon steak  and 8oz rump steak with chips 

Hi, please add David and I to the list.

Thanks Hilary

Hi Anna and Andrew,

Please can you add Michele and Max to the list



Hello Anna & Andrew,

Please will you add Carol-Ann & Ian to the list.

Thank you!

Hi Anna and Andrew,

We would like to join you at the Copt Oak pub.

Many thanks.

Christine and Hedley.



Hi Anna & Andrew
We will be joining you at the Copt Oak pub meet.

Hi Anna and Andrew

Please add us to the list

Don & Kate

Thank you for your interest. We now have a list of 20, including ourselves, to cover the tables already booked at the Copt Oak on Wednesday 13th, November.

The list is as follows:

Cath & David

John & Jan

Phil & Josie

Hilary & David

Michelle & Max

Carol-Ann & Ian

Christine & Hedley

David & Ann

Don & Kate

Anyone wishing to come along to join us, could you please ensure you respond to this post by Sunday 10th November so that we can book addition tables which unfortunately cannot be guaranteed to be in the same vicinity.

Best wishes,

Anna & Andrew

Hi to everyone going to the Wednesday evening pub meet at The Copt Oak (13th November)

i’ve just had a call from the Management at the pub and they are now asking if menu choices can be given by 11am on Wednesday.  

I believe this is to help with the preparation and service of meals.

Hopefully, you will all read this post and be able to check out their (extensive) menu from their website and get back to me with your choices which I will then relay to the Copt Oak Management Team.

Their website is:

If anyone reading this message has contact with any others from the list on our last message then I would be grateful if you could perhaps text/Facebook people to let them know of this latest message and the pub’s request. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening.

Anna X 

Hello Anna & Andrew,

Our choices for main meals are as follows:

CA : Cod & Crispy Bacon Rarebit

I : Half chicken with chicken gravy, vegetable mash and roast veg.

Do we need to choose puddings now or can we do that on Wednesday evening?


Thank you, 

Carol-Ann & Ian

Hello Anna and Andrew,

Our meal choices for the Copt Oak are as follows:

1 x Regular fish and chips.

1 x 8oz. Sirloin steak.

Many thanks.

Christine and Hedley.


Hi Anna and Andrew,

Michele will have Half rotisserie chicken with Hunters sauce, chips and roast veg

Max will have Half rotisserie chicken with Chicken gravy, chips, and seasonal veg


Max and Michele


1 lasagna and one lamb shank

Thanks, Hilary

Thank you to those that have already forwarded their choices. It is just the main meal that is required and any starters and/or desserts can be ordered on the evening. On looking at the pub’s website, it seems that Wednesday night is curry night!


Anna and Andrew


Sorry for late reply 

Rotisserie chicken tikka masala 

8oz sirloin Steak (medium) with peppercorn sauce 

Many thanks 

Cath and David