Well done Jill & Peaks and Pennines

From personal experience I know how hard everyone works to organise a rally, Well done and thank you to Jill Round and Burton and everyone in volved in the planning and organisation of this years National Rally at Chatsworth, Chatsworth was a great choice of venue, we really enjoyed our visit there.

Great cars. great venue. great compay.

Thumbs up must agree, my 1st rally and i must say it really was well organised and we thourghly enjoyed it, well done to all concerned.


 Well done, great day.Thumbs up

Shame about the weather, but still had a good day and meet up with friends hadnt seen for awhile.Cool


Yes must agree good day loads o cars well done every at the peaks chapter. good venue and well done 

Alan & Dawn noerth west oc   

Well done eveyone involved, driving in at 10.30 the view was spectacular.  Much hard work I’m sure.  Well done Thumbs up

10/10 Brilliant weekend many thanks,rides excellent pie peas good Sunday spot on !!

Hope we made a few of you  smile all the best, The NWM  MXicans xxx  

 Well done to all involved. Hope you all got a nice day off tomorrow!!!

Great day. Think i saw Jill whizzing around with clipboard!! HeHe. But trust me, all that effort made for a great day.

Thanks All

Thanks for a well organised weekend Jill, Burton and all of the many other members who helped to make it a memorable weekend. You can all have next weekend off before starting on the next event. Ian & Sue McHattie

yes indeed, good day out, well done guys…Thumbs up



Absolutely spot on - a great day out for all our family - thanks for all your hard work!


 Congratulations on a brill event…loved it Thumbs upBig Smile

 Exactly as above, what a delight it was when coming in at around 10:45 to see so many cars there too. Fantastic job. Clapping hands in the air

 It was a great successfull day. Saturday’s runs were outstanding; the scenery was superbe.

PP Team did very well. Smile We all know Jill and Burton coordinated this event well. Having said that none of this would have been possible without Pete Garton, a key player who organized and supervised a fair part of the logistic.




 Agree with everything said - fabulous venue, well organised and a really good turnout considering the weather.  Well done to all concerned.

Ken Stanbury  Northamptonshire Joint Area Coordinator

 Well done everyone - fab weekend - great runs - great cake - great views (few years since been up that way and forgotten about those fab views) - great pie on Sat night - great Hotel (the Park) - great time on Sunday - did we nearly cause a parking problem???

Look forward to seeing you all at the Spring Rally!

Sandra & Andy

 Many thanks to  Jill and everybody who made this event a great weekend.

Tony & Diane

We agree with everyone here, The view as we drove in to Chatsworth was fantastic and the Peaks drive on Saturday was spectacular. Well done

Anna & Peter

 Yes, absolutely brilliant. Saturday’s high peak run was superb and reminded us how much we miss the area since moving away. The sight of all the ‘convoys’ meeting up  alongside the road on the way in yesterday was remarkable. Great venue, shame about the weather but hey, we’re British and we don’t care - at least it was dry on Saturday afternoon for some ‘topless’ motoring.

Only black spot for us was the ‘loss’ of our pre-booked picnic but we acknowledge this was in no way your fault and the speed with which you refunded our money did you great credit.

And if somebody happens to be reading this had a picnic yesterday for which they hadn’t paid, then I hope the bl***y thing, choked you!!!{#emotions_dlg.angry} Every club has its’ ‘exceptions’ I suppose

Once again, well done, fantastic weekend