West London Area - South Regions 25/30 Anniversary Get Together - Sunday 23 June

West London and Kent areas have organised an event to watch the MAX5 race series on Sunday 23rd June and have opened the event up to all south regions, and beyond.

We are hoping for a large get together so that we can all celebrate 30 years of our lovely cars and 25 years of the Club.

MSV (Brands Hatch owners) will reserve the area opposite the pit straight for us to display our cars and have offered a 20% discount on tickets purchased in advance, using the code: MX5OC.  BARC (the race series organisers) have offered us to have a parade lap of the circuit at lunchtime.  I’m sure over the coming months we’ll have other things planned too.

Please let me know if you would like to come along so that we can keep tabs on numbers; it would be great to see as many of you there as possible - it really is a fun day out.



West London

Helen & Chris (tickets bought)
Richard & Linda (tickets bought)
Steve & Den (tickets bought)
Paul (Gilazda)
David S 
Peter & Anna (tickets bought)
Sharon & Paul (tickets bought)
Richard M +1 
Vernon+1 (tickets bought)
Andy C +1 
John & Jenn (tickets bought)
Graham M-K
Dweenimus +1
Susan B (ticket bought)
Steven T (ticket bought)
Adam+1 (ticket bought)


John & Patricia (Solent) (tickets bought)
Ron and Angela (Solent) (tickets bought)
Darren MZ (Solent) (ticket bought)
Mal & Serena (Solent) (tickets bought)
Tim (Solent) (ticket bought)

North Thames

Grim & North Face (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Jonathan & Sallie (North Thames) 
Bob+1 (North Thames)
Rog & Catherine (North Thames)
Michael & Alice +1 (North Thames)
Richard & Owen (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Cliff & Rosie (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Nick & Noelle (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Rod Atkins +1 (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Back in Black (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Barry L (North Thames)
Alison C (North Thames)
Matt (North Thames) (ticket bought)
Richard S (North Thames)
Stewart+1 (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Paul & Josh (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Steve & Val (North Thames) (tickets bought)

Sussex Downs

Chris U (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Paul C (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Paul and Jane (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Brian E (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Richard P (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Wendy & Richard (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Russell & Lesley (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Roy M (Sussex Downs) (ticket bought)
Keith & Jo (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)


Martin & Wendy (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Andy & Jo (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Brian & Ruth (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Steve & Jill (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Phil & Jen (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Mark & Pam (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Liam B (Eastern) (ticket bought)
Autojoy (Eastern) (ticket bought)


Sarah J - Kent AC (ticket bought)
Matt & Lesley (Kent) (tickets bought)
Grant - Sonue (Kent) (ticket bought)
Terry D & Lisa M (Kent)
Pat & Tony S (Kent)
Nerina H (Kent)
Mark H (Kent)
Peter & Barbara H (Kent)
Val H (Kent)
Dave H (Kent)
Rod & Phyllis (Kent)
Kev & Carolyn G (Kent)
Alan & Gill S (Kent)
Matt & Lesley (Kent)
Grant R (Kent)
Ray & Sharon L (Kent)
Mazda Mania Lowe (Kent)
Sarah M (Kent)
John H (Kent)
David W (Kent)
Nigel S (Kent)
Martyn H (Kent)
Russ B (Kent)
Katrina F (Kent)
Jon & Lynda G (Kent)
Paul B (Kent)
Trevor J (Kent)
Parnia M (Kent)
Lance D (Kent)
Keith C (Kent)
Steve B (Kent)
Matt G +1 (Kent)
Vin+1 (Kent)
+ approx 10 cars from MX5 Punks.

East Sussex

Martin & Rebecca (East Sussex) (tickets bought)

Other Unknown Areas

Keith W (North West) (ticket bought) 
Ensonricky (ticket bought)
Matt_istead rise (ticket bought)
Gillick (tickets bought)
Khianu (camping)
Jon & Findlay (tickets bought)



Convoy Details

You are, of course, more than welcome to make your own way to Brands Hatch (DA3 8NG) but if you are travelling from the north-west/west of London then why don’t you come in convoy?

Meeting Point: Cobham Services (KT11 3DB) on the M25 (between J9 and J10) and is accessed from both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
Time:  8.15am for a prompt 8.45am departure

The Kent region are meeting at The Moat pub (TN15 7RJ) at 8.30am for a 8.45am departure, with the aim of getting to the circuit at 9am.  Feel free to join them if this is a more convenient location.  The West London convoy will arrive later so that we have a staggered entrance - this will reduce queuing on the main road and help with parking up.


To those of you who are coming to Brands Hatch on Sunday and want to do the parade lap please BRING YOUR DRIVING LICENCE WITH YOU for sign-on.

Sign-on is in the Race Admin office in the paddock behind the Pit Garages and will be open from when you arrive, so ensure you do this to participate. Passengers will also need to sign-on.

Arms and legs must be covered too so make sure you have suitable clothing.

Sounds good count me +1 please


Hi Helen

Yes please , add Den and I to the list .



Definitely interested in this one…will watch this thread. Also asking another member from the N. Thames area. 

Count me in too! Thanks.

I would like to join you. I’ll put this on the calendar.

Thank you

Please add Me and Anna to the list



Sorry Chaps,

I shall have to withdraw.

A friends daughter is now getting married on 22nd so won’t be able to make it to BH.



Please count Jonathan and Sallie Baines - I know we don’t find time to attend very much but we are making a determined effort this year and will be at the Spring Rally in Elvington! - we are from North Thames Region.

Thanks, Jonathan. I’ve added you to the list.

Please add me +1 to your list.

Has anyone else tried to book tickets yet?

They’re on sale (or at least I can put them into a basket) but the discount code is not recognised.


Bob M. (North Thames)

Thanks for the update, Bob. I was going to check the ticket situation this weekend. I’ll drop MSV a line to find out why the code isn’t working.

Please include Rog & Catherine (North Thames)

I’ve emailed MSV regarding the discount, so I’ll update this thread once I get an answer.

Such a shame, it’s the same day as the Bromley Pageant of Motoring that I’m already committed to attend. Have a great day and do us proud… 

Please add Michael and Alice Kentish and our teenage son. One MX5, other vehicle out of the way on the campsite if we are able to stay on Saturday night.


Michael (North Thames)


MSV have responded saying the discount code should now be working.
Here’s the ticket link to the event:


New to all of this! Have just bought my husband membership as a birthday gift. We are in Essex but am certain he & our 16  year old son would love to attend (Richard & Owen - North Thames)  - is it a good one for newbies to go along to?

Have taken a gamble & bought the tickets! Richard & Owen from North Thames will be attending!