What have you done to your MX-5 today? (Part 2)

I’ve got to have one of those in my life , thanks :+1:

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Rodders reckons they stuck a standard ND on a dynamometer and got an instant 10bhp gain by simply switching from supermarket 95 to Shell V Power.
No wonder if its 14:1 and the ecu adjusts the ignition timing to suit the fuel in use via the knock sensor.


Except we don’t all have Facebook…

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You can still have “Messenger” without a Face Book account.

EDIT- You can have messenger without Facebook, as I did for 8 years.
(Apologies if I should not have put the word “account” in the sentence. Be quick though as if if you wish to claim, Claims Direct shuts at 1800. I have just said my 3 Hail Mary’s as an online apology to all and wish to seek your forgiveness for ever and a day). :slightly_smiling_face:

Discovered the welding needed for the MOT is twice as bad as originally thought, and beyond my budget. :pensive:

I’ve just asked and his email is robbate1@hotmail.co.uk


You can have Messenger without Facebook, but not Messenger without a Facebook Account.

Many who object to Facebook wish to avoid the whole company, not just the social media part. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorted out the wiring for the MX5Things auto window shut on my MX5 ND. The wiring they supplied to remotely open and close your windows via the remote was less than satisfactory and they recommend getting rid of the extension they give you and to tap into the wiring directly - which is what I did today.

I got some new (to me) wiring connector which is T-shaped and allows you to connect two wires at a time - link below to the actual connectors on wish.com

Happy to report that windows now
(a) close automatically with roof closure and
(b) I can open the windows with the remote by pressing the remote unlock button twice and
(c) I can close the windows by pressing the remote lock button twice OR if I walk away from the car and it auto-locks, it will close the windows at the same time.

Happy that got sorted.


Remote Window Operation - add-on to the standard Auto Window Close

Auto Window Close when roof shut



Have ordered a pair at £25.00 Inc postage.

Same price as the Cobalt bushes from Moss but they want a rather steep £8.00 for postage

Re-fitted my 25mm hub centric spacers after removing them for track activity at Anglesey last Wednesday. We’re back in road “Stance” mode now… :muscle:


Do you have any photos of the wiring please @Jeff_jthspace ?

I’ve had this part sat in my garage for a few months now and have been worried about tapping into the wires.

Dropped off at the garage to get a quote to do the fixes and welding required for an MOT. Fingers crossed its not too bad :frowning:

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Didn’t take any but here are the instructions which show the wires to tap into.

Installation Guide

It’s not difficult! I used a sharp blade to carefully remove the fabric wrap around the wires and then rewrapped with normal insulation tape afterwards.

However, you may have a couple of the door clips break off so I used a glue gun to put them back in the door card and it worked perfectly.

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That’s unfortunate. What are your plans now?

After my discovery yesterday that a previous owner had installed a decat mid pipe with no resonator, I measured the diameter of it as I suspected it wasn’t stock. I was right, but rather than it being larger, it’s smaller - who does that? Did they just use whatever bit of pipe was lying around?

I believe stock is 60mm or 2 3/8”, but this pipe is 57mm or 2 1/4”. I’ve ordered a mid pipe repair section from MX5Parts so I can have a resonator again but I don’t know if the sleeve on it will squash down to the smaller pipe size. If it doesn’t work I’ll just have to buy a reducer.

Fixed my PRHT with help from forum members.


Aww, man. That sucks. Mine is going in soon for its first MOT in a few years (SORN since the family grew by one) and I’m hoping that I don’t fall into this category… :neutral_face:
Do you have any plans to pick up anything in its place?

Thanks, I will give it a go soon as I find it annoying having to mess around when the car is parked with roof down.

I read that there are some curveballs with a right hand drive car but fro, your right up, there wasn’t anything to worry about.

@Jitsuka @Bvfraser I’m sitting on it for a week as the MOT isn’t due until mid-June, and I have a few options including second opinions, but I’m stuck in the “invest more so as not to waste the existing investment” & “throwing good money after bad” quandary. If I do get rid that’ll be it for MX-5s for a good while as this was an unexpected opportunity I would otherwise not have been able to afford, so it’s quite a decision.

Managed to get my horns working. I removed my dodgy connectors and replaced them with female spade types. I also unscrewed the ground connections and sanded them to bare metal, so thank you to @999to5, @Scarletpimpernel and @Roadie for all your suggestions.

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