What have you done to your MX-5 today? (Part 2)

Have plans to either refurbish the original wheels or to swap for something different. But in the meantime, this wheel had areas of lacquer peel. So, tonight, I flatted back the loose flakes from the spokes and rim edges and gave it a couple of coats of fresh lacquer. I only did the flat areas, not the whole wheel. Let it go off , in this warmth didn’t take long and polished up to look a lot more presentable for the short term. Happy with the outcome .


Finally after almost 6 months waiting for new stock to be made I fitted a Davefab coolant expansion header tank. 20 minute job. FYI the ONLY stockists at the moment are Moss and MX-5 Parts. Processing: 1000029525.jpg…


N/S/R Brake Caliper supplied and fitted…[issue came up during full service in Feb]

Plus Corrosion Check and Battery put on trickle charge [no electrics in garage I rent for NB 2.5 1.8 Icon]

Me: ‘So you think her chassis is sound’

Mechanic: ‘Well I left her on the top level of the hoist/ramp (?) resting on her chassis last night and she was still up there this morning so yeah think her chassis is ok’


I wanted to give him :hugs:

So :crossed_fingers:

Bullit should be okay for MOT Sept too

Very, very, very Happy Bunny today :grin:


Drove to Romford to have new hood fitted at ALLHOODS, who advertise the the magazine. Great job, but as they are inside the ULEZ zone you will have to pay your bribe to the mayor to get there.


Looks great :heart_eyes:

Went to work on the soft top with the 3 bottle treatment from Renovo. I’ve used it before, then used Autoglym and Fabsil Gold but thought it worth giving Renovo a go again especially as the fabric was looking a little grey in places, it is a 19 year old roof after all.

I’m guessing it’ll start raining soon enough so I’ll see how successful it’s been :man_shrugging::joy:


I love a mechanic with a sense of humour, although some of 'em can be real jokers! :wink:

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Bit of a clean up day after a run out now ready for the meet at caffeine & Machine tomorrow night :


Indeed :cowboy_hat_face:

[Finally got my State Pension last month as a WASPI woman] aged 66 yrs

Passed me Driving Test Feb 1979 [aged 20 yrs]

One thing I’ve learnt in 46 yrs of driving [especially as a female] is

TRUSTED MECHANIC IS VITAL [good news or bad…just tell me the truth]

So ‘Stern Voice’ when she failed due to needing welding/undersealing and was in dry dock for 3 months whilst I waited in queue for this work

But they also take into consideration around MOT time the age of the vehicle and their knowledge of her so not been nit-picky so far

Good tradesmen are always busy, it’s worth waiting in line for the right bloke to do the job, and if it’s any consolation, mechanics lie to me now and then but usually back down when they realise i might know more than they do. :wink:
That pension situation is a total liberty! Why the government couldn’t graduate the entitlement is a mystery. I have a neighbour who was TWO DAYS outside the cut off period and had to work the extra six years…totally unfair. :frowning_face:

Concur :handshake:

“You’re Not As Green as You’re Cabbage Looking” I’ve been told

They Should Have Done 63 yrs for both Genders me thinks