What have you Photographed lately?

If not deemed suitable please delete, but looking through the forums there are some decent quality photos kicking around, and if there are a fair few budding photographers on here I thought a thread would be cool to post photos of locations you’ve visited, to maybe give other keen snappers some ideas for future road trips?

This is Wast Water in the Western part of the Lake District as a starter, we went for a week staying fairly centrally in a log cabin in a wooded area and visited as many of the key locations as we could


A couple of fabulous photos. Nice one :+1:

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Nice pictures and I am sure we will find this thread suitable!


Very, very impressive! :+1: :heart_eyes:

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This is 5 mins from my house.
Taken from Prestwick Beach looking across to Arran…


Thanks :slight_smile: It’s a cracking spot and a really fun drive too - especially through the Hardknott and Wrynose passes (pictured below). Hoping to be able to get up there again over the next couple years!


wow that’s an awesome shot, what a view!

Unfortunately all mine of Lake District, Highlands, etc. etc. were all taken 30-50 years ago on 35mm slide film, now stashed away in files/boxes. Went over the Hardnott/Wrynose passes several times on one holiday in my Pug 205 1.9 GTI, always got the impression that it was about to tip over backwards on the very steep bits!!! :crazy_face:
PS: That panoramic format, how do you achieve it? With a lens? In camera programme? Or in your PC?

Great view! :+1: Fantastic colours! :smiley:

That’s a shame :frowning:
Yeah those passes are rather steep, I drove through once in my Z4 which didn’t have a particularly great handbrake, that wasn’t pleasant lol

The panoramic shot was 2 separate photos stitched together in Lightroom on the PC

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Ah! Thanks! Great job, I can’t see the join!!! :+1: :grinning: :smiley: :heart_eyes:

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I can’t take the credit for that, the software works out the joins automatically for you, it’s very clever, this was a 14 shot composition from Ireland (county Kerry) that it did using the same software…

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Stunning! Well done

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Excellent! :+1:
PS: It would seem that you have been to many of the places that I have! :thinking: Great scenery!!! :heart:

Inspired by bobsyeruncle’s superb sunset, here is one of my favourites from five years ago in West Wales.
9.27 in the evening of 21st July, just south of Llwyngwril, looking north-west across the bay towards Pwllheli from the terrace of our super holiday rental, a comfortable big house with good access to super roads and scenery and lots of touristy bits.

Edit, I’ve just realised that was the tight shot with the 300mm lens. This below was a few minutes earlier with the default 18-55mm, nothing like so effective.


You’ve been there too? Incredible area the Dingle Peninsula, been lucky enough to have visited twice, once as a teenager and again when my kids were teens, absolute paradise for a photographer :slight_smile:

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Cracking shot Richard, I know that area too, another place I want to go back to! Awesome view :slight_smile:

Great shot Richard! :+1: I do love skyshots with dramatic cloud formations/colors! :heart_eyes:


Great set, first one is particularly dramatic! Whereabouts were these taken? I’m assuming Scotland?

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