What is the Spring Rally? (newbie)

I was planning on going to Oulton Park on the 18th April to watch the Mighty Minis (non-owner) but to my delight I saw that the MX5 rally (new owner) is also at Oulton Park on the same day.


So what exactly is this rally all about? So far I’ve deciphered that there is a lunchtime parade lap and a handling challenge. Can I join in even though I am not a MX5OC member (yet)?


Cheers, Andy

welcome to the scene sedge.sorry i cant answer the question about member/non member but you can get all the answers you need if you can make it to the antrobus arms tonight for 7 30. the post code is cw9 6jd.if you cant make it tonight(wednesday)  i will try to give you more information through this forum.you are more than welcome at the meeting .

Thanks binky, although its a long way from Warwick to nip down for an evening

I’m from Northwich though, so I’ll keep an eye out on the forums next time I go to visit

greetings Andy.
the spring & autumn rallies are a club get together at interesting venues. It’s also open to non club members but then the entrance fee is charged.
if you join the club it’s free entry. last september we had 1700+ mx5s turn up at Gaydon motor heritage centre. a spectacular day.
Oulton will be a good day with the bonus of racing as well, lots of trade stands related to mx5 as well as the new Mk4 will be on static display.
what’s not to like?
see you there… dont forget to wave at other mx5s on the road; it’s the law :slight_smile:

sorry it was presumptious of me to assume you were local.yeah! it be a bit of a trek from warwick for a meeting but not for the rally .racing ,handling circuit, beautiful location,and a chance to meet fellow 5 enthusiasts.you would actually recoup half your membership fee back by the fact you get 2 free tickets for the racing.also go on youtube under :mx5 blyton park: i went for the first time last year and foind that this event is worth the membership to the oc alone…its a camping weekend at blyton park circuit and the track is for exclusive use of mx5s for the weekend.if you want track time thre are slots for beginners,intermediate ,advanced and then open to all.plus as a memeber you get a much better price on your tracktime.hope to see you at oulton or blyton or both!

is that a morris minor in your avatar?

To be honest it is a large number of MX5 cars parked in a large field.

The members then walk around the carpark looking at the other MX5’s and there are the polishing squad who mostly have very clean cars and compete with each others for who has the cleanest MX5.

There are stands where you can buy bits for your car and some other things happening.

If you are a social type of person there will be lots of people to talk to about MX5’s

Therefore if you are someone who likes going on adventures or on the big dipper at a fun park it is not for you.

On the other hand if you are already in the club, have been for a while, have been on runs with people and also met people from other areas, it is a great chance to catch up.

Therefore for yourself it could be between boring and interesting. I would say probably 60% chance of success if you do not already know people at the event but are a sociable type of person.

Yeah I went to the one at Gaydon with my mk3, although I had to park with all the outsiders alongside the toyotas and fiats. I thought that was just for the 20yr anniversary, didn’t realised it happened every year!

I was planning on joining the OC at the rally, but if I get two free entry tickets to Oulton then it would make sense to join beforehand like you say. Blyton looks awesome too! I was just looking at Curborough as an introduction to track driving before doing a track day so I’ll have to hurry up

It is in the background, I’ll take some better pics of my Eunos at the rally. This was taken at the garage where I bought the S-limited

Walking round looking at MX5s sounds good to me!


Good man; That’s the spirit…

Looks like it has all been said.    If you want to chat 5’s come and see me at the Judging area, or after Judging at the South West Midlands area event shelter. 

Sounds good to me! I’ll see you there


If your holding your hand up to arrange a trip to Alton Towers, I’ll be there, I even promise not to talk to you if you don’t want to be sociable and I won’t try to sell you any bits.

Going to be a bit of a boring event though, apart from the roller coasters.



does anyone know how much will it be at the Spring Rally for family and non members if you just turn up on the day? Cheers, Andy.

normal entry fee;
£10 on line £14 at the gate under 13 FOC

not too bad considering there will be a good days racing as well

Roller coasters?  Are they things at the end of the 2 hours queue lines?  Nothing more boring than those… 


normal entry fee;
£10 on line £14 at the gate under 13 FOC

 Under 13`s might not be that interested, but no need to call them that.


Does anyone know how we can get involved in this parade lap around the track? Is there a registration list or anything?

I was thinking of doing the handling course but Oulton Park lap plus a fastforwarded GoPro video = trackday in my opinion