What is your favourite beer?

I only recently came across that Master Stoat stout and I have to say it’s really splendid. Badger do make some lovely beers but they’ve made some shockers too so it’s cheering to find a really good new one.

Makes me sentimental for the time we used to have a departmental Thursday pub lunch and had a Badger pub among our handy locals.

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Been Drinking this for over 40+ years got the taste from my Army days it used to be served in the regimental squadron Bars we visited the Brewery a few times for a tasting … :wink:

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Hi Martin,

What’s your favourite Badger beer? I see a range in Waitrose in Willerby, Hull. I will go for a drive on Monday!


I remember bloody Amstel from my time in BAOR. It put me off lager for life but then I ‘found’ real ale and never looked back , or sometimes forward.


Vaux Double Maxim was a favourite of mine in my early years, sadly no longer available in original form.

Introduced to it by my father who was a fan.
My first bottle at around 15yrs of age at home.

Father told me he didn’t and wouldn’t tolerate me walking the streets at that age sneaking a drink and causing “Botha”… So at home in the fridge he’d always have a couple of extra bottles :grin:

It is produced by another company but it’s just not the same.

Being a Geordie I got a lot of stick from my mates for choosing Maxim over "proper Broon Ale " but in my eyes worth every little jibe .

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For a lunchtime pint, i suppose it was Fursty Ferret, though I can’t swear it’ll be quite the same bottled as on draught. (Don’t you find that - beers which are never quite at their best unless it’s on draught? London Pride for example. Bit too sweet in a bottle, one of life’s great joys well-kept on draught.)

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I agree with you on draught vs bottle. Last year, in Derbyshire, I had a pint of Thornbridge Jaipur on draught but not a true handpulled pint and bottle of Jaipur to do a comparison test. They were very very similar in taste!


In Burton again…


I’d probably go with an IPA. There’s something about that hoppy bitterness mixed with fruity or floral notes that just hits the spot for me. Plus, there’s such a wide variety within the IPA category, from super hoppy West Coast IPAs to smoother, juicier New England IPAs.

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Baslow in Derbyshire,

Ofiaich :grin:


Mad Squirrel’s Sumo…

Anyone would think I’ve been in Belgium this week… :innocent:

Cheers! :belgium: :beers:

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That is the definition of a challenge, though: Going to Belgium for a week, and having to choose just ONE favourite beer :rofl:

At the moment I’m lapping up Topaz from Inner Bay Brewery. Mainly because they are going out of business, they just finished their final batch of beers earlier this month. Sad times, owned by 2 ladies that are sisters.

Elgoods - Golden Newt


Ofiaich :beer::beers: