What Is Your Top Down Weather?

As the topic says, what does the weather need to be like for the top to go down?
I would say clear day with 12 degrees C or above.

If it’s not raining and the top is dry it goes down :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


Dry weather any time of the year normally.

We’ve been doing a good deal of walking just lately locally so not used enough. It’'s looking odds on for an MX-5 lockdown this winter.


Went to the chippy and back top down this evening at 7 degrees C, ND manual advises not lowering the roof when the temp is below 6 degrees.

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Any time it’s not raining, sleeting or snowing.


PRHT: therefore dry and sunny - regardless of temperature.

Hats live in the elbow box, O/C cap to prevent sunburnt bald patch or woolly to prevent frostbite.

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Prht also. Anything above -5 degrees. Seat heater on 4 and heater blower on knees.

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That is not something I would have even thought to check!

And to answer the question, I am not sure I have a lower limit as long as it isn’t pouring (I would say raining but I have a habit of getting caught out by it).
Had the roof down this morning in ~9deg and again this evening (even though it was dark, I had a new exhaust so wanted to hear it) when it was slightly cooler

Although its our " weekend " car, its used all year round, and if its a dry day then its top down, and if its chilly , then its hats and heater on, but if its raining or absolutely freezing then we go toastie with lid up :grin:
I rode my motorbike all year round also, except under extreme conditions :slightly_smiling_face:

Only if it’s scorching, dry and sunny :joy:


Anything above 28MPH, below this seems to be when gravity over comes air flow and you get wet.

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Ian, I like that steering wheel. Where is that from?

It’s a Raid airbag wheel, bought it about 12 yrs ago to replace the usual airbag wheel on the 2.5 Sport.

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Great, thanks.

This is probably because the roof material can be quite stiff at low temperatures.
Solution: Run the heater on high with the roof up for a few minutes to soften the hood material and then lower it!

Ian, what exhaust did you go for? Im currently looking at options.

I went for a Cobalt one

Was this on the ND? If so, is it deeper than stock or just a better overall sound?

It was indeed, deeper and louder

That will just leave you with a frozen roof to put back up when you have finished your journey.