what no dogs !! ??


Archie ,the dog has been to every race track  in Ireland and a few on the continent with no problems. He is never allowed off the lead.  Is there any way around this problem as I can,t get any refunds on my bookings. Does this affect anyone else or is it only us ?.

Dogs are not allowed at any race track in England, Wales or Scotland.


It was mentioned in the Rally FAQ about a month or so ago http://www.mx5oc.co.uk/forum/yaf_postst81401_Rally-FAQ.aspx

This thread may be of use http://www.mx5oc.co.uk/forum/yaf_postst81404_Dogs-at-Oulton-Park-Rally.aspx


Strange as I have seen pets at numerous motor cycle races I have been too .Maybe I can get my ferry tickets changed and go to France,where I can take Archie virtually anywhere. Pity as most problems are caused at these events by the 2 legged species. Lol.

I agree with your sentiments. It makes me very angry when I consider going to an event and I discover dogs are banned. In most cases, simply specifying something like, “Dogs must be on a lead at all times.” would suffice, but no, petty little bureaucrats, health and safety wonks, and fear of being sued if someone gets bitten is enough to scare most event organisers.
What I do now is make a note of all no dog events and ensure I never darken their doors ever again. My money only goes to dog friendly events these days.

It has nothing to do whether you are bitten by the dog, it only takes one dog to slip the leash and run out onto the track and that would be catastrophic if the beast was struck by a racing car at speed putting the drivers and the publics safety at risk…get real and think about !!!


Health and Safety. I thought as much. However, my comment was aimed at events in general, not just car circuits.


I take it you also don’t wear your seat belt and run with scissors? I am sure you are a very responsible dog owner, but equally know many that aren’t. 


Possible solution


I am  a regular motor sport attender and have never seen a dog or any other pet get on the track .

Small kids with irresponsible parents/minders pose a bigger danger.

More to the point as an mx5 oc member I wanted to go to an oc rally not a motor race and  have no intention of going near race track or paddock area.


OK ,I should have read the small print before booking but is this the all inclusive venue  it should be for an oc spring rally ?.

We attend a wide variety of venues with our Rallies and many venues welcome dogs but many also impose restrictions on animals - this why there is a line in the Event FAQ about this as we know some people do like to bring their dogs.

However it is not a critical factor when booking a car club event as we usually have a far greater gamut of issues to get through before asking if pets are welcome.

A few people have suggested that you may wish to use a local kennel and in the past a number of members have got together to form a Doggy daycare where dog owners got together and took it turns to attend the day an look after the pet - that was at Sandringham Estate in 2012 where Dogs were not permitted with the outbreak of a virus.

And this discussion is about a motor racing circuit, not events in general. As dog owners we accept that there are certain places you cannot take a dog, sorry Marley but you will not be able to come to Twickenham.


And the other point of view, which many hold:

No dogs - bloody wonderful!


Hey, common guys, this is beginning to get personal!

This isn’t the first event that has been organised at a venue that doesn’t allow dogs and it won’t be the last.  We dog owners have to accept that there are, and always will be restrictions as to where we can go, that’s life; learn to live with it.  The OC rallies are organised for members and their cars and as long as the venue meets that criteria, then the organisers have done their job.

I’ve been a dog owner for more years than some members have been driving and a member of various car clubs for just as long.  Restrictions for dogs at events is not a new thing and it’s just something you learn to live with.  The bottom line is, always read the small print, understand the restrictions and plan your events accordingly.

Dog ownership doe’s not prevent me from enjoying my car(s), the OC and the company of OC members and long may it continue.

Spot on (no pun intended)

OK everyone,rant over.  Will try and get to next rally.  My planning could have been better. Have a good day..

OH, Foolhandy,  your very intelligent ,profound point of view has been noted and deleted. 

Must admit.  I’m with foolhandy on this one.


I’m sorry, I’m not sure of the point you’re trying to make.

“intelligent, profound”? I suggested that many people would prefer not to have dogs around when they are on a track day. I wasn’t trying to be clever, just making a point that above health & safety etc. some might prefer to attend (and indeed seek out) dog-free events.

And feel free to delete my point of view from your dog-fascist mind but I am entitled to it and it is just as valid as yours. What exactly are you banging your head against a wall for? Because I don’t like dogs? Really?

Honestly, some people. Say you don’t like dogs and they seem to suggest you’re sick in the head…


Nothing wrong with dogs.

Not sure I could manage a whole one though.


How accidents can happen.

Years ago racing bikes at Snetterton we would encounter loads of rabbits on the back straight of the GP circuit as we came round on the first lap. They would all run off at the last second as pigeons do when you think your going to hit one on the road.

One particular race we had a dog with its lead trailing chasing after the bunnies just as we came round. It was a bit of a surprise <img src="Images/Emoticons/msp_w00t.gif" alt="" />&nbsp;to the riders to say the least. No harm was done as we all passed by with a bit of weaving and the dog was caught by the marshals who did a great job. The straight was clear on the following laps. 

However it could have ended very badly indeed as you might imagine. The owner had smuggled the otherwise well behaved dog into the venue and was lucky to be going home without the horror of a serious accident being on their conscience for ever more 

By the way I Love animals great and small even mutts, but risks at certain venues do need to be keept to a minimum for everyones sake.

Hope you all have a really great rally.