Where are you!

Where are all the Cornish contingent?

Surely I am not on my own?

Come on give it up for the Cornish 5s

 Never fear…Cornwall’s here. You are not alone.[;)]

I’m here!

 I’m here too


 sorry wrong side of the water, but only just, very close to the saltash bridge

 Me too.

 Well i am here but wish we were there in Cornwall , however we will be 17th April


 My second day of MX-5 driving. Yesterday drove along the North Coast, today drove around Bodmin Moor. Beyond doubt Cornwall and the Five were made for each other.

Yesterday spotted 2 parked Fives and 1 on the the road, today spotted 1 parked and 1 on the road. Am I missing something?

Hi, The Cornish Fives are out and about !Waving  You are missing some excellent runs around our fantastic county. Check out the website for future runs.  Why not join us?Thumbs up

 Don’t get me wrong, I was just expressing surprise at how few Fives I saw over such a lovely weekend. I’m hoping to get to the next meeting at Zelah and join in some runs now that I’ve actually got a Five of my own!

 We are all flying about when we are not together on club runs.

 Not there yet. See you all in june when im on my holiday’s  Smile 

I have been to Cornwall…(Mousehole), does that count?Stick Tongue Out

 Ok technically im not cornwall, but just over the border in devon, but happy to get involved, if there is anything to get involved in lol

 Theres always something to do in Cornwall…driving the great coast roads is always the icing on the cake.

Have a look at the cornish5s site for all the run down and some pictures


 looks like a good site, but doesnt seem very friendly, i joined it two days ago and introduced myself on the forum, but despite 20 views, not one person has made the effort to say hello. It doesnt give of a very friendly vibe!!! And looking at the other guys and gals who said hello, it seems the same on there posts. Shame!


 Well, let’s put that right straight away: hello and welcome.

I see that you’re from North Devon. Have you ever done the “Little Switzaerland” 21-mile drive centred on Lynmouth? We’re thinking of spending a weekend on or near Exmoor this Spring, and I’m looking for a few good drives.

 No hunnie, i havent, ive heard my ex hubby go on about it a few years ago when he had the motorbike but wouldnt even know the route. Sounds fun though. x