Where have you been in your MX-5 today?

 For us it was a very warm cross country blast from Bournemouth to Trowbridge this afternoon to a friends for a BBQ. Then the lovely cool top down nightime drive home. Can’t beat it.

Had a hot drive to Bourton on the water to pick up another car, so hot drive back.

 Returned from Cenarth in West Wales home to pontypridd after driving around up there for 2 weeks with the roof down …marvelouse!

 Sherborne Castle in Dorset for the Classics At The Castle show. Hot but lots of lovely cars.

(Nice car by the way smudgeboy)

Had a nice drive out with other SWM members ending up at Lacock.

 Thanks for the comment . I would love to go to some of these mx5 events but i’m not a full member at the moment.

To the MOT station.

To a trout farm, to buy a trout.

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Paignton classic car show !!

I bought my first MX5 - a 1989 Eunos - yesterday and got the train up to Alfreton straight from work to pick it up. Then from there I drove it up to Yorkshire to see my family, then today I’ve driven back down to Ross on Wye. I’ve owned my car about 36 hours and I’ve already put about four hundred miles on it!

Shelsley Walsh, fab day out.

Well not quite today but had three great days at the Silverstone Classic.

Down the A39 from Bath to Minehead and then spent three and a half hours on the West Somerset Railway going from Minehead to Bishops Lydeard and back. Back to Bath via Glastonbury. It’s what sunshine and MX5s were made for.

 Poole Quay for one of there themed car nights. Friday was Soft top night.

Been to the Cromford steam fair in sunny Derbyshire. Fab day out, is on tomorrow, Sunday 4 August, as well. Only one short shower all day, sun out for the rest of the time.

A537 Cat and Fiddle Road :slight_smile:

First proper drive in my new baby :slight_smile: Loved it so much I did a second round trip over it :slight_smile:

I went over to Wigmore in Herefordshire for a rehearsal with my band. The Eunos is not quite big enough to get all my gear in - the speaker cab for my amplifier has to sit on the passenger seat, and I can only take one guitar - but I don’t care; the sun was out and it was a nice drive with the roof down! I saw another Eunos in Wigmore, a yellow J reg.

Sunday morning - With the “Bunch of Fives” on a run around the “Evo Triangle” North Wales