Where have you been in your MX-5 today?

For another topic, but tips very welcome. I’m in roughly phase 3 of learning :sponge:. (Snowfoam, 2 bucket, glass, alloys, soft top and quick wax). I’m about to risk polish next as she has some hairlines, all in the clear coat. :grimacing:

The wife and I decided to have an overnighter for a change of scene and to get in some mileage in the 5. We booked accommodation based on the ten day weather forecast which had Tuesday and Wednesday bright and sunny - it is late Autumn here. Tuesday started off dry but with high cloud filtering the heat out of the sun. So it was hood down, heater on full and off we went. The sun did break through after a while and the 120 km trip was very enjoyable once we escaped the City traffic. Todays 250km return was very different! We started out with the hood up in light rain, then increasingly heavy rain, but eventually about 50km from home it dried and we were able to get the hood down! Great fun though, and some nice autumn tints in the scenery.


Early morning at The Hoste Arms, Burnham Market……


The river Stour at Blandford Forum. The last time I parked in this car park was New Years Eve 1974 and I was driving a MK1 Cortina GT. 50 years ago! I remember it because I was a little the worse for wear and ended up sleeping on the back seat. Happy days.

The car is covered in Sahara dust from recent rain She’ll get a good wash tomorrow. Perfect day for top-down motoring.


A short little hop over to Altrincham for a trip round the market. Top-down both ways, just got the lid up here while we left it parked on the street. What a wonderful day to drive an MX5!


Out for a local blat today. Timing was rubbish for pubs by the time we got out . So the plan for a nibble and a pint was scuppered. So, we ended up back home starving , for lunch out the fridge. But great weather to make the most of it.

I only managed 15 miles today then my engine let go in spectacular fashion so feeling very sad this evening wondering what to do with it….and my 14 year old lad is even sadder.


Just about to finish the NC500, this was taken today at Achasheen on the way to Torridon. Weather has been amazing ! Shout out to the Black and light Blue ND’s who waved loads when we passed in opposite directions. Hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did,


Just back from Tintagel and Boscastle with my college friend of 50yrs - The 5 was amazing - 460 miles to the tankful.
Spotted the amazing DB - think its a 7 - could be wrong - never seen an Aston Martin in quite those colours!


Took the 25AE skiing at Hemel snow dome. Boring car park so no pics.

First outing in the sun and dry, therefore top-down motoring, but windows up to keep my hat on.

Normally I go top-up on busy motorways. However the sun was good and I was a bit pressed for time, so we were top-down in the sun around the noisy M25.

Today it struck me that modern even bigger knobbly tyres on SUVs are generally much louder than an HGV (amazing), very noticeable with HGV on my left and SUV on my right.

And my 25AE exhaust is usually louder than its tyres, whereas the Niseko exhaust was relatively quiet.

Lytham Hall Classic Car Show with MX5OC NW


You did well getting a parking spot on the main road! My old stomping ground (although not exactly far away these days :smile:)

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Drove out to a pub in Cheshire for a drink with @Wardy5 … .um, I mean, to discuss MX5’s :rofl:

Nice to meet his new ND, too!


Similar photo! What are the chances? :wink:


Given the road is wet, I’ve been too scared to drive it.

Are there particular reasons you’re scared of driving in the wet?

Yes, the undercarriage would get wet and there is a chance the soft top could get rain water on it.
Both things scare me a lot.


Right, I see. I’m not sure if you’re joking or not!

Motorhoming down in deepest Devon. Daughter has joined me so had a trip to sunny Dartmouth this morning. Not so sunny now :open_umbrella:

No, I’m not actually.
Both of those things potentially occurring cause me anxiety.