Where have you been in your MX-5 today?

I volunteered - and got in early! :wink:
Had a great day. Met loads of lovely fivers and on show with Northamptonshire area!
Pics to follow when phone has recharged. :+1:


It was a perfect storm of single file access, a cross roads access and 75%(?) of all cars turning up between 10.30 and 11.00. They were largely good natured queues but the locals were not impressed. Some colourful language and horn blowing.
We all dodged a massive bullet with the rain holding off. Imagine a thousand, rear wheeled, lightweight sports cars in a wet, slippery, grassy field and an uphill crawl to the exit :face_with_peeking_eye:
Overall, it was a good day.


Got caught in some traffic…

Seriously never seen 3 roads merging into one some politely :wink:


Le Grand Depart, followed by:

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To break things up, went to the British motor museum on the day before the rally - and found someone to park next to:

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Lovely photo of my RS , shame I had the hood up but I was trying to keep the dust out…


Apologies. Admittedly lazy… I do like messing around and finding things out for myself. Seems theres more to find.

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Thankyou very much! I like trying to find things out for myself. Seems I didnt look hard enough. Thanks!

No worries. Just that if you ask questions like that here you you get a cheeky, light hearted, amusing response.

Ask the same question on Facebook and you get RT*M.


I saw Nicks ‘GTO’ in California with about 19 other GTO’s, largest gathering of GTO’s ever apparently.