Which is the best model to buy post-2017

I used to have an MX 5 - sold it 5 years ago and missed it ever since.
Can you advise which version I should buy for a) fun b) fast c) a little unique / special features (leather seats a must)
I will want to keep ‘forever’. Have up to 20k for right car. Currently looking at Recaro (cannot get for love or money) or Z sport
Thoughts would be most welcome - too much choice or is there a rarity out there?

I’d go for, well I’ve actually got a 2018 ND2 2litre SportNav+ (184) Black leather with red stitching. It’s a 2019 model which were first available in the last few months of 2018! You should get a nice one with your budget :slight_smile:

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Maybe keep your eye open for a 30AE ?


Here is just the model for you, good company to deal with, they also have other 5’s in stock or arriving…

Save you money and get an old one. When the roof and your right foot are both down you don’t need to spend 20k.

I have 2 BMWs costing 80k and choose my mk3 any day…

Thanks everyone; wow - great response and plenty to think about. With such a lovely network, that alone makes me want to get one soonest! Any more thoughts are always welcome Thanks so much!

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I like the Recaro too, but you do know that it doesn’t have full leather seats, and came out before 2017, don’t you?
If you want fast, it will have to be the revised 2 litre mentioned by Rob.
And in 30th anniversary edition it will be pretty unique. Another unique edition is the recent R-Sport, but it is based on the 1.5 engine.
There was a 100th anniversary edition launched last year, with that updated 2 litre engine, but it won’t yet cost 20k…

As always get at least 30 min test drive. Test you can fit in an ND and the seats are comfortable for you. It’s too small for people over 6ft.

Also there have been some gearbox issues, so again have a good long drive to check it works well. If you get any significant problems selecting any gears once the car is warmed up, walk away.

Well I’m 6’5" and I have an RF, so not sure you are correct about it being too small😉

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Many thanks. Just had a drive in a 2l z sport - felt superb; now a little worried about all these gear box stories!

By the way glu - how do you rate the RF vs soft top? Advantages / disadvantages?

I know you didn’t ask me directly, but some prefer the soft top because it is less draughty than the RF, however the RF is said to be quieter with the top up than the soft top - Depends what you you prefer and is largely a personal decision… One question - would you prefer one of the Limited Editions over one with the revised engine?
You’ve probably seen this one advertised privately, and if I was in the market, this is one I’d look at!

Thanks Ceramic; v helpful. I’m a little anxious not to buy from a dealer.

The gearbox issues on the ND are with the earlier 2.0l 167bhp engined car not the later 2.0l 184bhp engined car (Or very, very, very few 1.5l cars) . The latter appeared in late 2018 (?) so check which it is when doing a search.
PS: the car in CeramicMX5ND2’s post is one of the later cars with the 184bhp engine!

No problem… I bought mine from a little independent seller, and was happy to do so because the car still had over a year’s manufacturers warranty remaining! That’s often worth more than some dealer warranties out there…!

Cheers - and what about the 2018

Thanks Ceramic. Probably worth a look see then! Thanks

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Couldn’t be 100% sure without checking the individual car. Someone on the forum has the info by checking VIN numbers, but I can’t for the life of me remember who it is.

I went for the RF partly because of the extra security when left over night and partly for the looks, I’m really happy with the RF, I think it is probably a bit draughty compared to the soft top, I have removed the wind deflector which seems to make the cabin a bit less draughty, although it has never really bothered me, I come from a Caterham which I liked to take the doors off, so anything feels good compared to that, I only test drove the soft top, so don’t have much experience of them, but I would have been very happy with either car, pick the one you like the look of most and I think you will be happy.

Late 2017 up to about second half of 2018 (18 plate) would mainly be 160bhp examples. (68 plate) would be the 184bhp one. ( My 184 was registered in Sept. 2018 and think it was an earlier one with revised engine) This has the uprated gearbox, so I’d just find the nicest 184 and go with that… you will be happy :slight_smile: