Who is getting a 30AE ?

Lots of talk in other threads about members placing orders but would be nice to have a list in one place. Either post in this thread or PM me with user ID, Soft Top or RF, and estimated delivery date and I’ll update the list below. Once they arrive I’ll add LE number.

User ID            ST/RF            Delivery                        LE number

Forrest               ST               Early June                     No 15

Khianu               ST               July                              No 224

Shinetop             ST              03/09/19                       No 389

Countryboy         ST               Early June                     No 442

Risingsun           ST               July                              No 447

Legalraven         ST              31/12/19                       No 659

OrangeMX-5       RF               29/09/19                       No 869

Urbane Fox         ST                                                  No 892

Ian is B              RF               31st July                       No 976

MX-530               RF              19th August                   No 977

alun r                 RF               1st September               No 1113

Pumpkin             ST                                                  No 1117

Coolzapper          ST              1st September               No 1195

Little Devil           ST               2nd September             No 1196

UltraViolet68        RF              1st September               No 1202 

Jimmythe1          ST               23/08/19                      No 1223

Motoring Nomad   RF               19/09/19                      No 1425

TBKB                  ST               18/11/19                      No 1437

jabiqq                 ST               26/09/19                      No 1545

Air_1                  ST               25/01/20                      No 1641

Jarramag            ST               28/09/19                      No 1645

StannersDM        RF                05/10/19                      No 1748

Fred Gassit          ST               17/10/19                      No 1764

Mad Malc             ST               23/10/19                      No 2170

Crown                                   June

Awekus               RF               July 14th

Jay1                   ST               September

Bradley               ST               Early June

Rodders              ST               1st Wk June               Will he, won’t he?.. No he won’t!

Morrisk1              RF               June                           Cancelled, got a Sport Recaro

cobra exhaust      ST               Mid June                     Cancelled, getting a Z4



Hi roadie

ive orded a rag top that is due first week in June 

Hi Paul.¬† I too have a soft top on order for ‚Äúearly‚ÄĚ June.

I ordered soft top with a projected delivery date of early June- allegedly!


Soft top ordered with an early June eta 

Yay.  Ordered SE30 hard top with aero kit today.  Quoted end June or July delivery. 

RF here, quoted June some time as others. No doubt it’ll feel like forever!

So far that’s 4 out of the 400 soft tops and 2 out of the 200 RFs. 1% down, 99% to go.

There’s also a group on Facebook


Facebook is like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. Personally I love Marmite and hate Facebook.

Snap. The wife is the total opposite!


I love Facebook

I ordered a 30AE soft top for expected delivery in mid-June 19

Soft top for me with the aero kit ordered yesterday. 


Too much spying and profiling for me

This forum is the only ‚Äúsocial media‚ÄĚ I use.

Agree - same here Countryboy.

i hope you all enjoy your new cars , please look after them, get them rust protected , …as i’m sure many of us will be waiting in the wings to buy second hand …( when we can afford )

Why do you think I started this thread? Building up a nice list of enthusiast 30AE owners to pester in three or four years time.