Who is still working

Who is working in these difficult times. Luckily (or not) I’m a key worker in the drainage industry. Hopefully my job is fairly secure. Unfortunately my daughter has been laid of as has her boyfriend. Hope everyone is managing out there. Stay safe.

Working from home. My job is now 100% COVID-19, and for the last week, its been draining. I get paid to formulate viewpoints on how this will go, and what it will be like afterwards.

I’m a self employed carpenter,sub contracting to a company building stud partition walls and suspended ceilings. We are still open and continuing to work as long as our clients remain open and want us going there. Might not last for much longer.Very uncertain times. Good luck everyone

I work in IT and currently have my kit set up in the spare room, as long as the internet keeps working I can connect in to the office and keep going.

I am in IT and still working and currently still working on site. I can work from home but critical at the moment that I can maintain the servers and everything IT in the business.
If weather fairs up a bit more will be driving to and from top down.

Jayne and I are rather glad we’re retired, even if the pension pot is disappearing before our eyes. Jayne ran a strategically important call centre which was tough enough when things were normal, and I was a risk manager so would have been responsible for coming up with ways to manage this mess.

I work for a software company and am still working on site, avoids any connectivity issues.
I did work from on Thursday as part of a stress test and it is possible, just not as easy.
I also managed to get the top down on the way in a few times this week which was great.

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I’m military, my wife’s a nurse. Our jobs are safe but we don’t have the luxury of isolation.

This is a serious event, isolate yourselves and look after the vulnerable.


In IT, working from home. Wife working in retail food, still going in and suffering huge abuse from customers daily. Fights, food grabbing from other trolley’s, pushing older people out of the way, she says it’s a nightmare
Keep your selves safe

I can’t work from home. When we start up the aircraft the rotor blades knock the vases off the top shelf. So for now, it’s a good thing that no one wants to fly.


Brother is in the Navy, CPO. (Merlins). Navy decided he didn’t need his laptop, took it off him and gave it to an officer. Now they decided he does need it, but the laptop has been lost. Merlins might be flying less, as most of the spares are from Italy. He’s on second tranche, thinks he’ll be put on bin duty.

Many of us will be doing different jobs for a while, whatever it takes.

I’m in a school, we have about 26 pupils expected in on Monday. Business as usual for Monday and Tuesday then will be reviewed for Wednesday…

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I’m a signalman on the railway so I will be plodding into work regardless. The passenger services are being reduced so they can keep the drivers healthy but freight will still be running and I would not be surprised if the freight traffic increased. You can get a couple of hundred lorries worth of stuff on a train and you only need one driver to get it there.

We are constantly wiping down work surfaces and equipment to try and halt any risks of infection, the signal box has never looked so nice!

If they shut the railway you’ll know this is serious


Hi all I’ve being in self isolation for nearly a week now 1 week left, I work in the waste/recycling industry so think we should be ok. My wife works in a hotel which has shut down today so she has three month off so when we can and there still going to be open a trip to the local diy store for paint and brushes,

Not directly affected as we are long retired but son who works as a pensions administrator has been declared a Key Worker by his employer. As he lives at home but will still have to go into the office it means we cannot pull up the drawbridge and avoid total contact with the Corona-ridden outside world !

I presume that means you are coming up with ways to paraphrase Private Frazer from Dad’s Army.

Altogether now, We’re all doooomed.


Don’t forget those words of wisdom from Cpl. Jones:-
“Don’t panic, don’t panic!!!”

You boy , you’re out on the street when you should be social distancing. What is your name?


And the prognosis is - :crazy_face:

PS: Being a “High-Tec” country I thought we used computers for those sort of things.