Would you drive 1hr 40mins home on these tyres?

Just bought a 1999 MK2 Sport Edition, one of 300! My first MK2 and very excited.

However it’s about 1hr 40mins away and the tyres are cracked like in the picture. Will get them changed ASAP either way but would you drive home on them? Am I being over cautious or not cautious enough? Any advice appreciated thanks!

The tyres are from 2013.

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 1999 mk2 Sport
  2. I’m based near: Cheltenham
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Tyres

I would, with care, but it’s up to you. After the first few cautious miles I’d have a walk round to check they aren’t falling to bits. Age wise there are many far older around but that tread cracking is unusual and probably not just age-related. Definitely replace of course.

You could I suppose arrange to get replacements fitted nearer to the pick-up point.


As above really.

Additionally I don’t think I’d risk any motorway routes, just keep to lower speeds on A/B roads.


Congrats on the new purchase!

If it were me, depending on pick-up location, I would get them replaced before driving home given the journey time, expecially if the 1hr40 is fast road routes and all 4 are showing similar cracking.

Did the MOT reference tyres as an advisory? Should the worse happen and you get a blowout and the authorities come along, they may take a dim view.

Not to put a downer on it, but because you’ve asked, you must be concerned so why not minimise any risk and get them done. :+1:

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Thanks for your response.

No mention of tyres in the MOT. Getting them done at a tyre shop local to the pickup is definitely an option, just means I won’t be able to pick it up for quite a bit longer which is sad… probably not as sad as binning it on the way home because of a blown tyre though!

Will more than likely get them done before the journey. Probably would be fine, but would make that journey a lot less enjoyable too if I’d be worried the whole way.


If it were me I would find a tyre supplier close to your pick up location and get them changed for a set of good quality tyres before the journey home.

Why take the risk of a 1hr 40 min drive on tyres in that condition.


Could you come to some arrangement with the vendor and perhaps a mobile tyre fitter to get them done in situ before you pick it up?


That’s the smart move. :point_up:t3: Rather than take the car to a fitter, have them come to you. Normally done same day and adds minimum fuss to your plan.


I’d drive home with the tyres as is. Sticking to A/B roads, and generally taking it easy…, no more than about 40/45 mph.


Some good advice from all but I think the OP has answered his own question really, he wants to change them pre journey back.:+1:


I would drive them home, but not quickly, and would check along the way, and have a recovery plan in place…

If you can see canvass through the cracks, then I wouldn’t though.


Regarding this cracking being unusual, my Eunos Roadster has similar cracking and although an MOT advisory item just last Tuesday as the tread is still at least 5 MM across the whole pattern of each wheel, I shall not drive until new tyres fitted.
I didn’t even trust driving home once brought to my attention.
The tyres are BF Goodrich gGrip Rotation Tyres. Fitted in late 2010 and 2012. I have put it down to very limited use so the tyres are very often in same place week in, week out as you may find on a caravan or trailer. Also no garage available so always in sun in summer and in winter frost and snow.
Please also see my request for information on suitable tyres posted Sunday 14/11/2021.

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iv driven on tires far worse than that.
just make sure that they are at the right pressure and drive steady.
no wheel spins, no sliding!
if you have to go on the motorway, stop and check them before you do, and then just sit in the slow lane at 55.
you should be ok.

gratz on your purchase and have a safe journey.


It’s “one of those” isn’t it? Most people would risk it themselves, but they won’t advise anyone else to do it as there is a potential safety problem.

That said second hand tyres, and therefore secondhand cars, all carry some risk.The difference here is that you can see what the risk is. I bought a cheap 1.8 back in 2011. A friend (very capable mechanic type) drove it back over a 100 miles from somewhere in East Sussex for me.

It had a bit of a shake at certain speeds, which were put down to the mixed set of tyres. I swapped the tyres and wheels very quickly. The cause of the shake was probably either the enormous ‘egg’ we discovered on the inside of one of the tyres, and/or the fact that there was a spigot ring missing from one of the aftermarket wheels which was probably a little eccentric as a result.


Thank you for all your replies! I’ll look into the mobile tyre fitters option, that seems like a good idea. Thanks!

Here she is for anyone wondering !

Needs a polish and a bit of love but owner ended up letting it go to me very cheap. Think he was sick of dealing with Facebook Marketplace which worked in my favour in the end :slight_smile:


Pop onto black circles enter the postcode where it is located and the reg number, then you can book tyre fitting in advance at somewhere close.

They usually need 2 working days to get the tyres though, so allow for that.

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Looks lovely

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That looks very tidy. Did you take a good look at the chassis rails?

Book the car in for new tyres near to where you collecting it. It will take less time than having to sort out a tyre delamination, which by the way can destroy body panels.
Strange that it passed the MOT?


Sorry,but there is no such thing as a slow lane on any motorway. They are all subject to the same speed limit (70 mph) unless otherwise indicated. Pootling along at 55mph hoping a tyre doesn’t disintegrate isn’t really advisable. In my own personal opinion, driving too slowly on a motorway is more dangerous than someone driving a little faster than the recommended limit.
To the original poster,lovely looking car and I would advise ,as others have,replacing the tyres before setting off. You’ll enjoy your first drive in it so much more