Yellow Car on User Icons

I am pretty sure it is new (either that, I am blind or I am seeing things…) but what is the yellow car on user icons?
My guess is that it is an indicator for users currently online.

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Absolutely no idea but I want one! :rofl: shades of my old J2 Ltd :thinking:

Haven’t got a clue…

Maybe an early warning…???

You could have been spotted breaking lockdown rules, buying too many loo rolls or confessing to adding too much chrome to your 5?:smile:

Maybe three yellow cars and you’re off.:grin::thinking:

Only fun btw :+1::roll_eyes:


I should have one then for the chrome.:grin:

We’re looking at ways to easily identify forum members who are Owners Club members.


It’s Gold


And as Robbie has said it identifies OC Members.

Not working then as smiffy ain’t got one, nor me… :joy:

Mine is showing. I wonder if it’s being rolled out in groups or areas piecemeal?.

Smiffy is my original forum account, which isn’t my current OC Membership account.

It might be the same for you - if you had account during the testing phases.

From membership page,

“Your UK Membership membership expires on 06/06/2020.”

So obviously not fully working at the moment? Or have I been penalised for taking advantage of the three month membership extension provided by the club. :thinking: :rofl:

I’d call that amber… #CambridgeUnited

If any members have a Reliant as a second car, do we get a car symbol on its side?

It looks like this forum account for some reason isn’t linked to your membership account, have you had another forum account before?

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No never Ian, always been the same throughout :thinking:
I wonder if something went astray with the new style forum? I do remember having a heck of a job with things at the transition point.



I’ll be on the big computer later today and can take a look unless @Smiffy is around just now and can spot anything obvious?


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Ah probably, I think we may be special cases, I know my logins for various bits are not straightforward and forum login is not same as wordpress I don’t think… Perhaps needs tidying up now…

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Been advised to log out and then log back in again. Done that just now.

That worked then!!!

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Aaaaand! Got a yellow, sorry GOLD car now!! Many thanks for the guidance! TBH, I never log out normally :woozy_face:
All sorted and thank you chaps.

Yes indeed! :+1::+1: