5th & now 6th (🙈) MX5 & the beginnings of a Rocketeer build

Where abouts are you I have a feeling I might have seen one at MX-5 Restorations in Ilkeston, no idea if it was serviceable or for sale …

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Thanks Art!

I’m near to Stamford in Lincolnshire.

We have family in Nottingham so that isn’t too painful.

I’ll try and get in touch with them tomorrow.

Thank you for the heads up :slight_smile:


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Hey mate haven’t been on in a while, hope you’re well, AN ULTIMA?! :no_mouth: I was passanger in an ultima gtr a few years ago and what an absolute machine it was (until it broke a few laps later) you know you have style and class when it’s a nightmare to get in and out of but not because you’ve butchered it :joy:

What terrible things did you do to your delivery driver!

You’ve had far more progress than I have in the last while, good to see! (not the accidents but you get it)

The greater good!

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Hey all.

Happy Easter!

My car has at last seen the light of day.


Clearly it is not running well. When this happened last time it was due to my battery being low on voltage (which it is again), so I am hoping for the same this time.

It has moved back to my house and is currently sitting outside whilst I work out how best to store it and what options are available.

So the list of things to do (which somehow is almost longer than when I purchased the car 3 years ago!!) is (in no particular order):


  • Find source of rough running
  • Bracket for Drip tank
  • Bracket for Fuel regulator
  • Finishing dressing new door (all locks, handles, window mechanism etc)
  • Check for vacuum leak
  • Wheel alignment


  • Wrap Rear P/S Quarter
  • Wrap Rear D/S Quarter
  • Get Windscreen replaced
  • Wrap Front bumper
  • Wrap Rear bumper


  • Fit glovebox
  • Fit heater
  • Fit air-con delete
  • Fit pedal covers
  • Finish re-upholstering seats
  • Fix radiator to car properly
  • Affix numberplates
  • Finish Carpet


  • Tidy Wires in Engine Bay
  • Tidy Wiring in dashboard
  • Tidy wires in cockpit

Joyous happy happy thing

  • MOT

That’s a long list! Don’t worry about the MOT, by the time you’re done, it’ll be exempt! :joy:

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haha yes, I was thinking that!

Hello all.

I bring you the sad news that I am going to sell my car.

I know this will come as a shock and will not even be believable to some of you but due to the situation with my storage changing and health issues, I can no longer see a way through all the work and finishing the car.

If anyone is genuinely interested in buying it as it is, then feel free to get in touch via PM.

I may try and get a few more bits finished if I can find the motivation (and weather) so in the meantime i’m not going to list a For Sale thread.

Thanks to all of you for the constant encouragement and interest, it has been great and at times humbling.

I’m sorry I could not see it through to the end.

Kind Regards,



Oh wow! Really sorry to hear this Andrew.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I think its been on the cards for a while really subconsciously which is why I haven’t been achieving too much recently.

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Such a shame…

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Yes, it is a shame. The worst thing is i’m going to still have to try and get it more finished in order to be able to sell it. Not a fun scenario.

Thanks for all the posts Andrew - I’ve enjoyed reading them.


Thank you :slight_smile: That’s kind. I’m hoping to stay in the fold and get a MK4 to replace my Rocketeer and 911, so there may be another Readers Rides of mine - but maybe a little less adventurous! :smiley: