A Welder Recommendation - Cheshire/Manchester/Stafford and local Areas to NW

I have been looking for someone to do work on my car. Both sills were corroded and upon taking the wheels of further work was needed.

If you need welding work doing by an HONEST guy then I can recommend the following:-


They are located 400m from Jct 18 of the M6 in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

Ask for Simon on 01477 537040 and just say you heard of him from myself - John Jenkins on the MX5 forum.

I don’t get anything out of it at all, but I hope if you mention my name he may pay special attention to my own requests for work as I am going to ask to a lot of stuff to my car going forward.

We have a pinned topic to add welding recommendations, otherwise we just go around in circles, as recommendations are lost to the ether:

I will update my post and map accordingly